TK7 Panel for Photoshop (Панель для фотошопа) [Tony Kuyper]

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    TK7 panel for Photoshop


    Панель TK7 для фотошопа представляет собою полноценный инструмент для улучшения качества изображений и проявления творческого подхода.
    • Includes all modules for the TK7 panel−Go, RapidMask, Combo, Cx, and Batch.
    • Much more than just a luminosity mask panel. Go and RapidMask modules make masks based on many different pixel-based values: luminosity, color channels, hue (Infinity Color masks), saturation, and vibrance.
    • Instructions PDF (95-pages), color set-up info, and intro videos by Sean Bagshaw included.
    • Works on both Windows and Mac (including macOS Catalina) in Photoshop CC 2019 through Photoshop 2021. Note: This panel will not work in Photoshop CS6 and is not tested in versions of Photoshop older than CC 2019.
    • View 16-bit masks at near real-time speeds.
    • All masks can be infinitely modified, and, with the Mask Calculator, combined through addition, subtraction, or intersection.
    • Dedicated 16-bit workflow ensures the best masks from creation through deployment.
    • Multiple output options including adjustment layers, layer masks, selections, and pixel layers.
    • Layer Mask Mode provides immediate feedback when adding and adjusting different masks to the active layer.
    • Runs common Photoshop menu commands and keyboard shortcuts with a single click.
    • Includes numerous actions for creative post-processing.
    • Quick web-sharpening for one image or entire folders of images.
    • Compact footprint with smart menus that close when not needed.
    • Dedicated installers for Mac and Windows makes installation easier than ever before.

    • After installation, use the "TK" button in the Combo module settings to access instructions and additional free content.

    Продажник - goodlight.us/panels-and-videos.html

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