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(Brad Hussey) Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!

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    1. marussia

      marussia ОргОрганизатор (А)

      Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects!
      Совсем-совсем новый курс от Брэда - затронуты практически все темы, инструменты и вопросы разработчиков!
      • Lectures 215
      • Video 28 Hours
      • Skill level all level
      • Languages English
      Course Description
      Are you looking for an all-in-one Web Design, Web Development and Career Building course that takes you step-by-step through the all of the skills you need know to start a working professionally?

      Are you a programmer looking to improve your design skills, so your designer colleagues can stop making fun of your bad designs? Or maybe you're a designer looking to learn how to code, so your programmer colleagues can stop laughing at your sad coding attempts?

      Have you wasted hours of your time or money watching terrible video tutorials that make you fall asleep at your desk?

      Stop wasting your time & money! This is the ultimate, most comprehensive, A to Z web design, development and career building course on the market. I promise and I guarantee that to be true.

      Here is my guarantee to you: If within 30 days you complete this course and you haven't experienced impressive results, you can't design or build modern websites, or you can't get a paying web design or development gig — I will give you 100% of your money back.

      You will go from knowing nothing to creating over 23 impressive designs, websites, and applications — all with step-by-step instruction from the most entertaining and engaging coding instructor on the web today!

      We'll start by learning Visual & Web Design, how to use Adobe Photoshop, and how to sketch professional wireframes. We'll then learn to code with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. At this point you'll be able to code custom websites, animations and web applications by yourself.

      Once we're cool with the front-end languages, we'll then melt our brain-bits with highly advanced skills like Responsive Websites, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and custom WordPress plugin development. You'll then have the ability to build responsive, dynamic websites and blogs, basic eCommerce sites and online stores, and have a professional understanding of all aspects of web design & development.

      After you've learned everything from Design to Development, you'll be taken through a hands-on career section fully-loaded with valuable tips, resources, and real-world guidance to help you start your career — whether you want to work-from-home as a freelancer, or secure a full-time studio gig at a design agency.

      - - -

      What are some of the projects you will build?

      In addition to working on your very own self-directed project that challenges you to use your new skills as you learn, you'll be building over 23 custom projects throughout the course:

      In Photoshop:

      • Design a custom web graphic
      • Design a custom business card
      • Design a modern landing page
      • Re-design a blog
      In HTML5 & CSS3:
      • Multiple custom websites & web pages
      • Code the Google landing page
      • "Orbiting planets" animation in CSS3
      • A responsive "Startup Style" website
      In Javascript & jQuery
      • A working "Tip Calculator"
      • An actual race car game
      • A "To Do List" web application
      In PHP & MySQL
      • Dynamic websites
      • Impressive application that fixes clickbait headlines
      • Working "login" and "logout" sequence
      • Profile page that pulls information from a database
      • Robust "Client Address Book" application that manages your clients' information
      • Custom WordPress plugin
      ...and much more
      - - -

      Why trust me? What makes me any better than the thousands of coding instructors out there?

      My name is Brad Hussey, and I've been working professionally as a designer and developer for over 6 years. I studied design & development in college for 2 years before getting hired as an in-house web developer at a local web development firm. Only a year into full-time employment, I quit to start my own freelance business from home, which has been the best career move I've ever made because it allows me the freedom to work on my own terms on projects I love to be a part of, and it pays extremely well.

      What makes me different than all the other coding instructors out there is that I know how to communicate complex & boring concepts without putting you to sleep! While you're staring at a screen with hundreds of lines of code, I like to keep things light, crack jokes and keep you entertained. My approach is simple, hands-on, and relaxed. Think of me as your handsome friend who just so happens to be a passionate computer geek under the surface.

      Don't take it from me, read what some of my students have said about my courses:

      "Instantly, I felt comfortable with Brad's style and approach. After only a week of finishing this course, I have 3 projects for freelance website design. I couldn't thank Brad enough!" — a graduate of Bootstrap to WordPress

      "I challenged myself to an entire weekend to complete the [client] project, utilizing this course as a step-by-step guide. I am happy to say that my challenge was successful! I've already received payment for my work and my client was so impressed that he immediately gave me another project to work on!" — a graduate of Bootstrap to WordPress

      - - -

      How would you like to be able start a lucrative career in web design & development, work for a high-tech company, or kick back in the comfort of your own home studio providing high quality solutions to your very own clients?

      There's a ton of design & coding courses out there begging for your money & attention, but none of them will give you the ultimate fusion of web design, development and career building that I guarantee this course will deliver.

      So stop wasting your time and money on courses & tutorials that don't deliver - and let's launch your career to new heights!

      Join me on this journey, and I promise I won't let you down. Set yourself up for success, and sign up for the course right now. See you on the inside :)

      What are the requirements?
      • No prior design or coding knowledge required!
      • Any operating system: Mac, PC, Linux
      • No expensive software required
      What am I going to get from this course?
      • Over 215 lectures and 28 hours of content!
      • Build 23+ custom design, web and programming projects - from scratch!
      • Learn more than 18 professional disciplines
      • Plan, design and code your very own self-directed project - from A to Z!
      • Plan, design and program robust, and fully custom websites and applications
      • Design and code modern & responsive landing pages
      • Code at an expert level of proficiency with HTML & CSS
      • Code websites & applications with HTML5 & CSS3
      • Code games & animations with CSS3 and jQuery
      • Comfortably use the tools in Adobe Photoshop
      • Design modern websites in Adobe Photoshop
      • Design a professional business card in Adobe Photoshop
      • Design with grids, on paper and on the screen
      • Understand the history and application of visual design
      • Wireframe and optimize user experiences for websites and applications
      • Choose the correct fonts for design & web projects
      • Create beautiful colour schemes based on scientific colour theory
      • Build a working "Tip Calculator" in Javascript
      • Build a useful "To Do List" web application in jQuery UI
      • Comfortably set up hosting & domain names for your clients
      • Program advanced PHP applications
      • Design, build and manage custom database-driven websites with MySQL
      • Build a fully functional "Client Address Book" with PHP & MySQL
      • Set up a WordPress blog in 5-minutes
      • Manage your client's WordPress websites
      • Build a custom WordPress plugin
      • Get hired as a full-time web designer or web developer
      • Grow a profitable and successful freelance career with your new skills
      • Earn a full-time income from any of the disciplines you learn!
      • Make money on the side designing & building websites
      What is the target audience?
      • Developers and Programmers looking to dramatically improve their design skills
      • Graphic & Web Designers desiring to dramatically improve their web development & programming skills
      • Total beginners who want to learn how to plan, design and program amazing websites & applications
      • Those who desire to make a comfortable living online as a web designer or developer
      • Professionals who desperately want to leave the 9-to-5 for a fruitful new web career
      • Freelancers who want to deliver higher value to their web design clients
      • Designers & developers who want to know how to start a successful freelance career
      • Anyone who wants to learn from the most entertaining & engaging coding instructor
      Цена $297 - но буду пытаться ловить купоны для покупки за 10$, поэтому цена указана со скидкой.

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