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  1. Kinderkrampus

    Kinderkrampus БанЗабанен


    Have you ever thought about renting your home when you go on vacation? Don't pay fees or commissions in other sites! Take advantage of this theme and you won't need to share your earnings with anybody.

    Rent My Home is a Wordpress Theme for Vacation Rental your home. It's a really simple and basic theme to manage just one property. It's beautifully designed, easy and fast to manage. It's responsive and sensitive to gestures.

    Rent My Home Theme comes integrated with WP Booking Calendar (Required Plugin) (FREE Plugin you can download). Really easy to configure and use. The FREE version of this plugin doesn't include payments online.

    What can you customize in Rent My Home Theme?

    • Add your logo and favicon.
    • Change the main color.
    • Add banners to your home page (max 3)
    • Use more than 50 icons for your amenities
    • Add your main services to the slideshow (max 5)
    • Add your Social Network Links
    • Add Slideshows to your pages, add Captions and customize its colors.
    • Add Responsive videos to your posts just with the URL (not embed code, Youtube and Vimeo Supported)
    FREE EXTRAS This theme includes our Vacation Rental Icon set as vector and webfont totally for free!!

    Files Included

    • Theme (HTML, CSS, PHP and JS files)
    • Less Files
    • MO and PO files
    • Dummy Data
    • Documentation

    Цена: 35 USD
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    Попробуем снизить по максимуму. Рублей 200 ведь нормальная цена будет?
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    Удивительно, такой низкий ценник для полнофункциональной темы и так мало желающих приобрести...
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