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WordPress Shortcodes Plugin + 3 Premium WP Themes

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Postal, 30 апр 2013.

Цена: 600р.
Взнос: 136р.

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    1. Топикстартер

      Топикстартер ЧКЧлен клуба

      Lizatom Shortcodes Features:
      Hate the same old buttons you have on your site? No worries. Choose from literally hundreds of CSS3 button variations to add to your page. You can even alter the icon, color and size of each one.​
      Want to convey a lot of crucial information without busying up your page? Tooltips let you do just that with a small layer that pops up when moused over. Choose from a large variety of CSS3 tooltips and customize the color, pick the direction, and even embed images and videos right in there.​
      Image Shadows
      You can add a touch of oomph to all your photos by putting an extra 3D shadow on each image. Quick and easy to implement on any images within your blog.​
      Content Info Boxes
      You want boxes? You've got boxes! Choose from a huge selection of content info boxes that can include icons, pictures, links, and even a video.​
      Pricing Tables
      Looking to show off prices for your product or service? The sleek pricing table will fit any blog design no matter if your site is a corporate or personal one.​
      Display huge pull quotes easily to make important content truly stand out. Justify your text with left, right, and full alignments.​
      Colorful highlights can display key words or phrases throughout your page. Customize each highlight with any color you can imagine.​
      Organize large blocks of text into smaller pieces of content with toggable sections that slide open to reveal text when users click on each section.​
      Tabbed Content
      Go ahead and add vertical or horizontal tabs to your content to further organize things for your users.​
      Custom Lists
      Choose from a variety of fresh icons to spice up your unordered lists.​
      Want to break you content into columns for better flow? Choose from a variety of column options to suit your needs.​
      Working examples:
      Bonus! Get 3 Premium WordPress Themes
      By purchasing this Mighty Deal, you don't just get over 5,000 shortcodes, you'll also receive 3 high-quality WordPress themes. Each theme includes 3 sliders, 3 portfolio layouts, custom widgets, google fonts, an advanced admin panel, jQuery effects, and more!
      Dulcet Premium [details] - Regular price $39 (personal) /$780 (developer)
      Liquid Premium [details] - Regular price $30 (personal) /$600 (developer)
      Velvet Premium [details] - Regular price $29 (personal) /$580 (developer)
      Normally a Personal license for this collection would sell for $137, but for a limited time, with this WPmarket.net bundle you get a Personal license for the plugin and themes for just $19! A Personal license allows for unlimited usage on your own personal websites only, OR... better yet, get a Developer license, which allows you to use the plugin and themes for commercial usage on an unlimited number of clients' websites, for just $59 instead of the regular price of $2,940!
      Click the BUY button to choose your preferred license.
      Deal terms:
      • The Personal license may be used for your own personal websites only.
      • The Developer license may used for an unlimited number of client websites.
      • The themes or plugin may not be resold or used within a theme that will be sold.
      • This purchase covers free updates and support for 1 year. Your name and email address will be supplied to the vendor for update and support purposes only.
      • Upon completing the payment, you will access the download automatically.
      • All 3 bonus wordpress themes come with an easy to use options panel (unbranded).
      • Requires Wordpress version 3.0+

      З.Ы.: Цена действительна до 7 мая включительно. Возьмитесь кто нибудь организовывать, я пока не могу.
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      Я думаю мы быстро опустим цену до минималки (сегодня - завтра) и к 7 мая должны успеть.
    4. Коровьев

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      после 7-го Мая акция продолжится:) это уже проверено, так что со сборами можно не спешить, давайте опустим до минималки
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    5. Elementor

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      Если до минималки опускаем, то я с вами.
    6. Dm346

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      А что в этом плагине и темах такого, что в других нет? Что тут нового или привлекательного для сайта?
    7. corallife

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      думаю стоит объявить дату сбора)) чтобы в ротаторе засветиться) да и в подпись советую всем поставить
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    8. Postal

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      А как долго держаться такие предложения с mighty deals обычно?
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      Можно ли записаться в складчину членам клуба?
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    1. corallife
      классный плагин! всем советую
    2. malefikus13
      вот это классная штука)) Благодарю, все на высшем уровне))

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