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[Udemy] Projects In ReactJS - The Complete React Learning Course

Тема в разделе "Курсы по программированию", создана пользователем freedev, 18 дек 2016.

Цена: 975р.
Взнос: 90р.

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  1. freedev

    freedev freedev ЧКЧлен клуба

    Курс свежачок!
    Создадим 10 реальных проектов на ReactJS

    Язык: английский
    Лекций: 56
    Видео: 8 часов
    Уровень сложности: Средний уровень

    Master the hottest web technology - The ReactJS by building real world projects. React has changed the way front end development is now done across the tech industry. Its popularity is ample proof of it power and agility. It is also one of the most sought after skill now a days. So what is the best way to learn it than by building actual real world apps.

    Following the awesome tradition of learning by building apps the latest course from Eduonix comes with ten professional projects which you will learn and build along the instructor. Whats more? You get to keep the source code and all resource which you can use in your work or professional projects completely royalty free. This course will not only cover the react APIs but will cover wide variety of associate technologies such as Core JavaScript , jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, MUICSS, Firebase, Flux, D3, Auth0, MongoDB, Axios.

    We have worked very hard to keep the course heavy on content and concepts. The course will help you understand the core ideas behind the React technology and will help you build a portfolio of React Projects. Some of the salient features of the course

    Focus on app development process and techniques
    Cover the associate ecosystem technologies along with the core technology
    Focus on real world app ideas
    Practical approach to learning
    Covers the latest API version across different technologies

    So start learning and start building your React Apps now.
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    Если еще не купили, то с купоном DEC2202 этот курс стоит 10 евро.
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