[Udemy.com] Как играть на Кахоне: Для начинающих

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    2016-03-08 21-01-06 How To Play The Cajon  For Beginners   Udemy - Google Chrome.png
    Курс по игре на Кахоне. Вроде неплохой, будет понятен всем, т.к. все приемы игры показаны наглядно

    Course Description
    This course is designed to help students learn to play the Cajon. This unique hand drum is fun and easy to play! How To Play The Cajon: For Beginners is a step by step course that will introduce you to the basic tones of this amazing instrument and provide you with a number of patterns and exercises for you to practice.

    Each video lecture will provide students with clear and easy to follow instructions. The learning process is gradual and each lesson builds upon the other. This course also includes an easy to read pdf of the exercises and patterns featured throughout the video in music notation form.

    Hand drumming is an easy and fun form of personal expression. Students will gain self confidence, improve concentration and relieve stress by taking this course!
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