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Simon Filters - Attributes Options Tag Manufacturers Stock Price [Opencart]

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем mister_Y, 14 янв 2013.

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  1. mister_Y

    mister_Y ОргОрганизатор

    Дополнение для Opencart.

    Фильтр товаров в каталоге по различным параметрам.
    SimonFilters is a module that allows your customers to filter the products they see on your site.

    It started its life back in November 2011 as a simple and innocent filtering extension for Attributes and Options. It was, as far as I know, the first one of it's kind: AJAX driven and theme agnostic(well, you do have to configure it for your theme! There's no auto-magically configurator! YET!).

    Constant nagging by its users (you know who you are!) transformed it into the most comprehensive, customizable, feature packed, complex and, I confess, least documented filtering extension available for OpenCart. I can't, quite simply, keep up documenting new features. It's insane. That's why I offer free install for typical installations. If it doesn't work in your store I'll refund you. Total refunds issued in the last 12 months: 3.

    Features are almost too much to list(this description field does have a char limit, you know?) and they're constantly being updated but here is a limited list:

    -Filtering options are:Attributes, Categories, Options, Tags, Manufacturers, Stock statuses and Price.
    -Most filtering options can start either expanded or collapsed, be either radio buttons, check-boxes (OR or AND) or sliders, be presented in one or two columns, have vertical scrollbars or "more/less" buttons. HTML <selects> are next.
    -AJAX or normal links with parameters in the querystring (use .htaccess to make them look pretty!)
    -You're using a custom theme and would like to use AJAX? No problem. Just tell the module about the HTML container where your products are. There's a central database with the most used ones and I'll configure the rest for free.
    -All filtering options (except price, for now) display product totals with or without cache!
    -Third party caching friendly. Just enable the "cache buster" feature.
    -Enter multiple attributes separated by a char (a ! or a, or a ; etc) on your product's page and just tell the module which character you used. Done!
    -Hide zero quantity products!
    -Your customer clicked on some filters and he goes to a product page. Want him to have those filters pre-selected for him when he visits the same category again? Go to the module's admin and click on a checkbox.
    -Filters can either sit still as the user clicks them or dynamically change to progressively present only the possible filters in each scenario. Again, a checkbox in the admin.
    -You need to show ALL FILTERS even those that make no sense because your client says so? A checkbox in the admin.
    -You got tired of the stock look? Go to the built-in theme builder and adapt the existing or create your own.
    -Working in stores with more then 50000 products. Some insane people even have 10000 or 20000 categories and 4000 or 5000 manufacturers. Takes a bit more of work from you (you do have to go to each attribute/option/manufacturer and explicitly say you want SimonFilters to acknowledge its existence) but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Too much work for you? Throw me ideas!
    -and much more...

    Demo store: opencartmodules.simonoop.com/SimonFilters
    Demo admin: opencartmodules.simonoop.com/SimonFilters/admin/index.php?route=module/filter (login:admin, pwd:admin)
    Support email: oc@simonoop.com
    Support forum: opencartmodules.simonoop.com/forum/
    IM contacts: Messenger: oc@simonoop.com - Yahoo: simonooppt - Skype: simonoop
    Next: Writing script for a Youtube howto video.
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  3. Dopefish

    Dopefish ЧКЧлен клуба

    Афигенная вещь, на русском описания нигде нет?
    и да, название на русском языке бы сделал лучше, типа фильтр параметров для товаров опенкарт ( как нить так) людям было бы понятнее что за модуль
  4. rusa4ok

    rusa4ok БанЗабанен

    может купим?
  5. OneZero

    OneZero ОргОрганизатор

    Если меня сделают оргом, то могу за теже деньги купить Pack:

    Там тот же Фильтр + модуль Save&Stay
  6. mister_Y

    mister_Y ОргОрганизатор

    А Save&Stay что за модуль?
  7. OneZero

    OneZero ОргОрганизатор

  8. mister_Y

    mister_Y ОргОрганизатор

    ОК ,пригодится!;)
  9. OneZero

    OneZero ОргОрганизатор

    Модуль куплен. Ссылки будут отправлены сразу после оплаты
  10. OneZero

    OneZero ОргОрганизатор

    Кстати, цена поднялась..... уже 50$ за простой модуль....не пакет
    Но для складчиков ничего не меняется! Модуль был куплен по старой цене
  11. forever_9413

    forever_9413 БанЗабанен

    Thank for your sharing;)
  12. Vitaliy_Sm

    Vitaliy_Sm ЧКЧлен клуба

    FaraFara, в личку не достучаться. Если можешь подключи на какое-то время.
  13. Федоркин

    Федоркин ШтрафникШтрафник

    Можно каким то образом получить данный модуль?
  14. Vitaliy_Sm

    Vitaliy_Sm ЧКЧлен клуба

    По правилам можно только членам клуба, но на самом деле никак, только как новую складчину организовать. Орг не отвечает. Пока жду ответа, не дождусь - куплю сам.
  15. Федоркин

    Федоркин ШтрафникШтрафник

    Если кто-то может поделиться модулем, напишите в личку, естественно не бесплатно.
  16. Cadik

    Cadik СкладчикСкладчик

    А какая версия модуля?
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