[Sap-press]ABAP 7.4 Certification Guide—SAP Certified Development Associate

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    ABAP 7.4 Certification Guide—SAP Certified Development Associate
    9781493212125_267.png Данная книга нужна для подготовки к ABAP C_TAW12_740. Содержит проверочные вопросы. Поможет подготовится и узнать много нового и неожиданного :)
    Формат книги. Электронный издательства.
    Язык английский.
    Getting ready to take your ABAP C_TAW12_740 certification exam? Find everything you need to ace the test in this helpful resource! In or out of the classroom, you’ll find comprehensive coverage of topics on the 7.4 test. Review your knowledge of the test material by answering sample questions, revisiting key terminology, and implementing recommended test-taking strategies. Soothe your pre-exam jitters and make the grade!
    • Achieve success with the only SAP-endorsed certification guide
    • Review the key topics covered in each portion of the exam
    • Test your knowledge with practice questions and answers

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    In this book, you'll learn about:
    1. The Structure of the Test

      Don’t walk in blind. This book prepares you for what the test looks like, and presents strategies on how to take it. Plus, calm your nerves with sample test questions.

    2. Core Content
      Study up on the C_TAW12_740 test information! This book contains only information that is present in the test, so you can focus your attention on the material instead of combing through ABAP resources.

    3. New Topics for ABAP 7.4
      Brush up on the newest concepts like ABAP Push Channels, SAP HANA, and updates to internal table definition and use.
    Highlights include:
    • ABAP Workbench
    • ABAP Debugger
    • ABAP Dictionary
    • Types and data objects
    • SQL statements
    • Internal tables
    • Unicode
    • Classical and selection screens
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Enhancements and modifications
    • ALV grid control
    • User interfaces
    Reading Sample

    »A must-have for ABAP certification takers!«
    2nd edition reviewer
    Puneet Asthana is a recognized expert in ABAP development; he has 18 years of development experience, and has worked for SAP for over 12 years.

    David Haslam is a recognized expert in ABAP development, having worked for SAP for over 20 years. David has led or participated in more than seven full lifecycle implementations of SAP, which include several multiple-phase projects and four large development projects.

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