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    PROGRAMMING WITH C LANGUAGE by Ricardo Sánchez Schulz

    Why write a new book on programming using C language? My experience, based on teaching the use of this language to learn to program, for more than 15 years to students who are just starting out in programming, has led me to make this decision due to several factors:

    1.The C language, being a compact language with a limited number of features, presents difficulties to students because of its extensive use of pointers (object addresses) and proximity to the hardware. In the teaching of this language, it was standard to incorporate the use of pointers after half of the subject. As a result of this methodology, students at the end of the course did not fully understand the use of pointers and their diagnosis was that the C language is difficult to learn. About 5 years ago, I modified this methodology and began to teach C language incorporating pointers from the first class. To make this possible, I use analogies that allow students to associate pointers (addresses) with objects, which for them is of immediate understanding.

    2. My years of experience teaching this language have allowed me to locate the points where students have difficulty understanding. To correct this, in the book I make extensive use of diagrams that allow better visualization of the difficulties and therefore, notably improve their understanding.

    3.In the book, I deliver many solved problems, which emphasize the topics that present greater difficulties, such as creation of complex types, functions, the use of function pointers, dynamic arrangements, etc.

    The result of these five years, using this new methodology, has been satisfactory and in my opinion, has generated a change in the students' predisposition towards learning the C language. I have been able to verify, that already in the last third of a course, the students handle with naturality the use of pointers. I consider that most engineer, must know reasonably well how to program using C language and I hope that this new book contributes to that direction.

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    Язык: английский
    Дата выхода: 2021

    Книга на английском языке!

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