[Prestashop] Advanced sales, tax, profit & profit margin reports

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    Создавайте профессиональные отчеты о продажах, налогах, прибыли в формате HTML или экспортируйте их в виде файла CSV / Excel.

    Get perfect visibility on your shop's and products' profitability !

    The default PrestaShop installation does not provide a one-click tool that allows you to obtain important accounting and financial data: tax due, net sales volume after discounts and, most importantly, profit and profit margin.

    Not only will this report provide you with all this data, but it will even allow you to answer questions like "what percentage of total sales and / or profits does this specific brand, supplier or product category represent ?".

    This stylish and pleasant AJAX based module allows you to generate different types of preformed reports with all this information. They can be viewed on screen in HTML format or exported as a CSV file to manipulate in Excel and / or import into any other information or accounting system.

    This module is developed and published by Business Tech, certified PrestaShop developer and winner of the 2011 PrestaShop Awards for Best module.

    You are guaranteed to buy a quality module and to get fast and efficient tech support in case you need it.

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