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Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем analytic, 6 авг 2014.

Цена: 800р.
Взнос: 800р.

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  1. analytic

    analytic ОргОрганизатор (А)


    Turbo Spinner is a advanced automatic article spinner can instantly rewrite any data into SEO friendly unique content. Helps to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines. It comes with API Access, Therefore you can generate unlimited SEO friendly unique content from any platform. Sell your API keys to your client and manage via admin panel. Mostly turbo spinner rewrite text can be human readable text and 100% unique from other services. So, very useful for mass posting blog and web services.

    - Built in synonyms database
    - API Access Support – Rewrite from any where
    - Unlimited spinned articles
    - Secure captcha protection system
    - Support HTML document and produce HTML output
    - Human readable output
    - API Sample’s included (C# and PHP with Source Code)
    - API credit checker
    - Full control over synonyms databases
    - Add your own synonyms to database
    - Full tracking of API Access
    - Create unlimited custom pages (eg.About US, Blog etc…)
    - Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
    - Powerful admin control panel
    - Clean and responsive design layout
    - One-Click Ads integration with responsive design support
    - and many more included….

    Admin Features:
    - SEO settings such as Site name, Site slogan, Site meta description etc..
    - Ads control panel (Ads with prefect spots to increase click’s)
    - Inbuilt pageview and unique visitor counter
    - Recent API access history
    - Manage captcha protection with various levels
    - User history with IP & Date
    - Clean and responsive admin panel
    - Admin history loging
    - Quick email section to answer the clients
    - Ban specific user IP from accessing the whole site
    - Modify custom pages with advance WYSIWYG Editor
    - Google analytics support
    - Efficient admin panel (Highly customizable)

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  3. fedex

    fedex БанЗабанен

    Этот скрипт только для англоязычных текстов?
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    Сказано, что можно добавить свои синонимы.
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    Если будут сложности или нюансы -я сообщу.
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