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    BeDesk is a self-hosted, feature packed customer support, ticketing, email management and helpdesk software that does not require any coding or server knowledge to setup

    Гугл-перевод: BeDesk - это самообслуживаемая, функциональная служба поддержки клиентов, продажа билетов, управление электронной почтой и справочная служба, которая не требует каких-либо знаний по кодированию или серверу.


    • Email With Superpowers – Use as email management software, keeping your existing email account and receiving all the functionality of BeDesk.
    • Easy Installation – Install BeDesk easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.
    • Optional Envato Module – Envato login, purchase code validation, earnings reports, automatic item importing and more.
    • Appearance Editor – Change colors, images and text. Manage menus, SEO tags and more, all with a live preview using powerful appearance editor.
    • Translation Ready – You can translate BeDrive easily from admin area without any need for 3rd party applications or configuration files.
    • Responsive – BeDesk is fully responsive and will scale to the size of any device.
    • Open Source – You will receive full non-encrypted and non-obfuscated source code, so you can modify it (or hire a freelancer to do it for you) in any way you want.
    • Lifetime License – Pay once and receive a lifetime license. There are no recurring fees.
    • Documentation – In depth offline documentation included. It Explains everything from installation to the many features.
    • Social Login – Allow users to login with popular 3rd party sites (facebook, twitter, envato, google).
    • Professional Design – Pixel-perfect design based on google’s material design guidelines.
    • Search – Powerful search with multiple integrated providers, including elasticsearch, algolia, mysql and more.
    • Rich Text Editor – Ticket body uses a rich text editor, that allows file uploads, code formatting, inline images, canned replies, links, undo/redo, drafts and more.
    • Knowledgebase Management – Organize your knowledge base using categories and tags, create articles with a powerful html editor.
    • User Settings – Let users change common settings like their timezone, language, country and more.
    • Groups – Flexible groups system to assign users to or agents to teams, organizations, companies and more.
    • Pages – Create custom pages (like terms of service or privacy policy) with html editor.
    • Menus – Assign and remove links, pages and routes from various menus across the site with a simple menu manager without any coding knowledge
    Продажник - codecanyon.net/item/bedesk-...-helpdesk-ticketing-system/20484131?s_rank=47

    Демо - bedesk.vebto.com/help-center

    Admin with full permissions: email: admin@demo.com password: demo
    Agent with restricted permissions: email: agent@demo.com password: demo
    Customer with minimal permissions: email: customer@demo.com password: demo
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