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[MightyDeals] Набор из 250 натуральных текстур

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем OneZero, 23 июн 2013.

Цена: 650р.
Взнос: 308р.

Основной список: 8 участников

Резервный список: 2 участников

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  1. Топикстартер

    Топикстартер ЧКЧлен клуба

    250 High-Resolution Textures with Extended License - only $19!

    Textures make the world go round. Even at an incredibly young age we learn about all sorts of textures. Soft. Smooth. Rough. Bumpy. Textures help us identify with various objects and can help set a mood.
    When you're on your computer, however, you can't really feel a website. Sure you can run your hands up and down your monitor, but that's not really the same thing. With Photoshop Textures, though, you can give the appearance of different textured objects. They can brighten up your page and keep your users engaged even longer. And with this Textures Bundle from Vandelay Premier, you'll save big money while building up a massive library.
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  2. melena

    melena БанЗабанен

    Взнос не уменьшается вообще?
  3. OneZero

    OneZero БанЗабанен

    Ну вы вступайте...и цена уменьшится :)
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