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  1. hellboy81

    hellboy81 hellboy81 БанЗабанен

    Книги о разработке.
    Даже так - о Разработке.

    Главный посыл автора - "Программирование это не про печатание кода, это про думать программы".
    Если вы переросли простые примеры из книг для начинающих и хотите делать серьезные программы, со сложным устройством внутри и возможностью их дальше развивать и поддерживать - это сюда

    Эффективная работа с юнит тестами
    Понимание четырех правил простого дизайна (ПО)


    Название: Working Effectively with Unit Tests
    Автор: Christian Kvalheim
    Язык: английский

    Название: Understanding the Four Rules of Simple Design
    Автор: Corey Haines
    Язык: английский

    This book details my strong opinions on the best way to test, while acknowledging alternative styles and various contexts in which tests are written. Whether you prefer my style or not, this book will help you write better Unit Tests.

    From the Preface:

    Over a dozen years ago I read Refactoring for the first time; it immediately became my bible. While Refactoring isn’t about testing, it explicitly states: If you want to refactor, the essential precondition is having solid tests. At that time, if Refactoring deemed it necessary, I unquestionably complied. That was the beginning of my quest to create productive unit tests.Throughout the 12+ years that followed reading Refactoring I made many mistakes, learned countless lessons, and developed a set of guidelines that I believe make unit testing a productive use of programmer time. This book provides a single place to examine those mistakes, pass on the lessons learned, and provide direction for those that want to test in a way that I’ve found to be the most productive.
    The book does touch on some theory and definition, but the main purpose is to show you how to take tests that are causing you pain and turn them into tests that you're happy to work with. If you're like me and enjoy examples, you can take a (free) look at Chapter 1right now. The foreword, preface, and first 2 chapters are available within The Sample.

    Modern software development is a game of ever-increasing frequency of change. This is why it is imperative to build systems that are flexible and can adapt to changing requirements, both expected and (more often) unexpected. That is why I've written this book.

    From 2009 to 2014, I traveled the world working with software developers, both individually and in teams, to improve their craft. Primarily, I did this through a training workshop format called coderetreat. Over those years, I had the opportunity to watch 1000's of pairs of programmers work on exactly the same system, Conway's Game of Life. As time progressed, I began to see patterns arise. I noticed common techniques and designs that spanned languages and companies and crossed national borders.

    As co-founder and a facilitator of coderetreat workshops, I had the unique opportunity to provide feedback, both direct and through questions, on improving the act of writing adaptable, simple code. Through the day, we worked on improving our ability to make good choices around the minute-by-minute decisions made while writing code.

    This book is about those things I learned from watching these 1000's of pairs working on the same problem. It contains a large part of the feedback that I provide during a typical coderetreat. The primary focus is on the thought process behind refactoring, and how that is influenced by the 4 rules of simple design.

    This book is not about Conway's Game of Life. Instead, it uses its domain as a backdrop to discuss the thoughts and ideas behind the 4 rules of simple design. It focuses on the small decisions made while designing your code with the goal of building robust, adaptable codebases that can stand the test of time.

    With forewords by Joe Rainsberger and Kent Beck.

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