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Full Stack Project: Spring Boot 2.0, ReactJS, Redux [Udemy] [Agile Intelligence]

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    1. Топикстартер

      Топикстартер ЧКЧлен клуба


      Язык: English

      Чему вы научитесь
      • Create a RESTful API with Spring boot
      • Secure a RESTful API with Spring Security and JWT web token
      • Create a web application with React
      • Consume a RESTful API with React/Redux
      • Deploy to Heroku

      Содержание курса ↓

      App Demo (Prototype)13:45
      IMPORTANT: Demo of the App we built in the course!09:14
      WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY: Requirements, IDEs, Support15:41
      WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY: Info on course delivery and Reviews and Ratings03:13
      5+ Hours of FREE Content03:45

      Spring Backend - Basic CRUD Operations - Project02:12:15
      ***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE USE JAVA 801:19
      Folder Structure and Github setup15:42
      Project Object & Project Repository- branch110:08
      Project Service & Project Controller | Create first project - branch215:03
      Set up project object validation - branch308:15
      Project Object Validation part1 - branch407:20
      Project Object Validation part2 - branch514:17
      Refactor Project Controller ->branch608:43
      Custom Exceptions for Unique Project Identifiers -> branch719:04
      Find Project by Identifier - branch814:37
      Find All Projects -> branch905:13
      Delete an existing project -> branch1008:14
      Update an existing project04:20

      React & Redux Front-end: Project CRUD Operations05:38:05
      Introduction to React and Redux07:24
      Set up development Environment for React Development07:47
      Create and review Boiler Plate react app -> branch1109:22
      first react component - branch1210:35
      Project and header components - branch1308:03
      Bringing Bootstrap 4+ - branch1405:13
      Style our Dashboard, Navbar, ProjectItem - branch1510:32
      React Router, first Functional component - branch1616:13
      AddProject Component - controlled form - branch 1723:09
      IMPORTANT: React + Redux Architecture and Support14:49
      Create Redux Store - branch1819:56
      Create Project from React - branch1925:51
      Get validation errors from Redux - branch2019:16
      Style validation errors with classnames - branch2112:19
      Get Projects - redux only - branch2218:59
      Get Projects - final step - branch2323:02
      "Update Project" use case architecture06:21
      Update Project form and route12:17
      Get Project by Id, Update use case part 1 - commit id: b13741f19:17
      Persist Project Object Updates - branch2617:55
      Handle Errors in UpdateProject.js - branch2712:56
      ***BUG FIX*** Strange Update Behaviour04:07
      "Delete Project" Architecture02:10
      Delete an existing project - branch2924:35
      Refactor Delete Operation and Proxy05:57

      Add Project Tasks - Backend03:14:36
      Backlog and ProjectTask Entities - branch3115:52
      Entity Relationships: Project and Backlog - branch3219:36
      Backlog - ProjectTask relationship - branch3307:19
      Design discussion around creating a Project Task09:57
      Persist Project Task (Bug fix pending: setPriority) - branch3420:15
      ***BUG FIX*** ProjectTask priority, projectIdentifier, PTSequence - branch3506:46
      Get Project Backlog (happy path) - branch3616:10
      Handle Project Not Found Exception / Project Tasks-branch3723:28
      Find ProjectTask by projectSequence (happy path)-branch3815:46
      Find ProjectTask by projectSequence w/Validation - branch3911:38
      Update project task (happy path)-branch4012:45
      Finish up with update validation and delete - branch4119:19
      ***BUG FIX*** delete operation, improved backlog/project task rel - branch4210:05

      Add Project Tasks - React / Redux03:51:07
      Intro to Section, Demo of what we are implementing03:23
      ***BUG FIX*** Import error in Backlog reducer - branch4300:16
      Types and Reducers for Project Tasks - branch4308:16
      Section designs and Folder Structure - branch4405:24
      Routes to ProjectBoard and AddProjectTask - branch4521:19
      AddProjectTask action ( :)path) AddProjectTask form controlled part 1 -branch4619:04
      AddProjectTask action ( :)path) AddProjectTask form controlled part 2 -branch4712:18
      Finish AddProjectTask action, handle errors part3 - branch4810:11
      Set up ProjectBoard, Backlog, ProjectTask components - branch4908:21
      Load ProjectTasks to the state - branch5012:03
      Load Project Tasks to UI step 1 - branch5108:42
      Organize Project Tasks by status and priority - branch5215:35
      ProjectBoard Algorithm - branch5318:24
      update Project task part 1 - branch5425:34
      Update Project task part 2 - branch5522:01
      Update Project task part 3- branch5623:44
      Delete Project Task - branch5716:32

      Secure our App: Spring Security + JWT04:20:19
      Intro to Spring Security Section11:47
      IMPORTANT: New to Spring Security?00:34
      IMPORTANT: New to JWTs?00:33
      Initial Security Config - branch5922:38
      Create User Object, Validation, Repository, Service - branch6010:28
      User registration part 1 - branch6119:44
      User registration part 2 - branch6208:59
      User registration part 3 - branch6310:02
      JWT Provider pre-work - branch6427:12
      Token Generated!!! - branch6522:52
      Custom JWT filter to use our tokens - branch6628:24
      One: User to Many: Projects - branch6712:39
      Lock operations to specific User (Read and Delete) - branch6817:57
      Lock operations to specific User (Update) - branch6926:04
      User specific Create and Read Ops for Project Tasks - branch7020:34
      Find, Update, Delete Project task with Security - branch7119:51

      Secure our React App03:45:43
      Intro to Securing the React App, Security Components -branch7221:37
      User registration happy path - branch7328:05
      User registration with validation- branch7411:05
      SecurityActions and SecurityReducer - branch7526:26
      Login form - branch7622:14
      Handle Login logic - branch7721:59
      Handle routing for expired token - branch7819:27
      Dynamic header based on security state - branch7918:32
      Lock public routes when logged in - branch8016:34
      SecuredRoutes - branch8117:17
      Bug Fixes22:27

      Deploy to Heroku01:12:45
      Step 1 - Connect Spring boot api to Clear DB24:55
      Step 2 - Deploy the Back-end to Heroku11:09
      Step 3 - Deploy with React build16:23
      Step 4 - Fix app to work with Internet explorer 1119:55

      • Practical knowledge of the Java language syntax
      • Previous hands on experience with basic CRUD operations using the Spring framework, JPA, MySQL
      • Hands on experience developing and running Spring CRUD applications with one of the following IDE's: STS, IntelliJ, Eclipse
      • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ES6 Syntax is important)
      • Have local environment set up for Spring Framework - Spring boot development (Java 8, Maven, MySQL, MySQL Workbench)

      Описание курса
      If you know the basics of java and the spring framework, the next thing to do is to keep on practicing! Building apps with real life features is a great next step in your journey to becoming a developer. The main benefits of this is that it sharpens your skills and helps you build your portfolio for prospective employers. In this course, we will build a prototype of a personal project management tool using Spring boot 2.0 in the backend, ReactJS and Redux on the front end.

      These are some of the cool things we will work on:

      We will build our REST APIs with Spring boot for CRUD operations

      We will create our front end using ReactJS and Boostrap

      And will use Redux and Thunk to manage the state of our application in the front-end

      We will secure our application using JWT tokens

      Last but not least we will deploy our application to Heroku’s free tier. This is a great opportunity to get practical experience with two amazing technologies that are highly desirable by prospective employers.



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