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    iOS 5 and iOS 6 By Tutorials is the quickest way for intermediate and advanced developers to learn the new iOS 5 and iOS 6 APIs!
    The books contain 2,300+ pages and 50+ chapters, where you’ll learn:
    • iOS 5 APIs: ARC, Storyboards, iCloud, GLKit, UIKit Customization, Core Image, and more!
    • iOS 6 APIs: Auto Layout, UICollectionView, Passbook, In-App Purchases, Social Framework, and more!
    • Bonus Content: Modern Objective-C, State Preservation and Restoration, Attributed Strings, and more!

    The books cover the following topics:
    • ARC: Learn how to successfully migrate to ARC – and worry a lot less about memory management.
    • Storyboards: Learn how to make your apps more quickly with the new Storyboards feature.
    • iCloud: Learn how to store your app’s data in the cloud and share across devices.
    • GLKit: Learn how to use GLKit to make OpenGL ES 2.0 programming much easier.
    • UIKit Customization: Learn how to completely customize the look and feel of your apps.
    • Twitter Integration: Learn how to use the new built-in Twitter integration support in iOS 5.
    • Newsstand: Learn how to make a magazine-style app that is integrated with the new Newsstand app.
    • UIPageViewController: Learn how to make your view controllers transition with page curls.
    • Turn-Based Gaming: Learn how to make turn-based games easily with the new Game Center API.
    • Core Image: Learn how to use the new Core Image framework to apply filters to your app’s images.
    • View Controller Containment: Learn how to contain view controllers inside others – the right way.
    • Working with JSON in iOS 5: Learn how to use the new built-in JSON parsing and writing support.
    • UIKit Particle Systems: Learn how to make neat particle effects in UIKit.
    • Using the iOS Dictionary: Learn how to integrate the iOS 5 dictionary directly in your apps.
    • New AddressBook APIs: Learn about the new social profile, vCards, and more.
    • New Location APIs: Learn how forward and reverse geocoding just got a lot easier.
    • New Game Center APIs: Learn about the new notification banner, player photos, and more.
    • New Calendar APIs: Learn about the new calendar chooser and custom calendars.
    • Modern Objective-C: Learn how the new syntax can make your code cleaner and easier to read.
    • Auto Layout: Learn how to make your views easier to localize and more adaptable to different sizes.
    • UICollectionView: Learn how to easily display your data in a grid or your own custom layouts!
    • Passbook: Learn how to create your own passes on your own server and modify them at runtime!
    • In-App Purchases: Learn how to make a completely dynamic server-based In-App Purchasing system!
    • Social Framework: Learn how to share data to social frameworks and access the Facebook API!
    • Automated Testing: Learn how to configure automated unit and UI testing in your app!
    • Challenges with GameKit: Learn how to send challenges to friends in your game!
    • What’s New with Cocoa Touch: Learn about viewDidUnload deprecation, autorotation mods, and more.
    • What’s New with Storyboards: Learn about segue unwinding, view controller containment, and more.
    • What’s New with Attributed Strings: Learn how to build your own customized rich text editor!
    • What’s New with MapKit: Learn about MapKit changes and improved Maps integration.
    • What’s New with EventKit: Learn about the new ability to view and edit reminders programmatically.
    • Bonus: State Preservation and Restoration: Learn how to make your app pick up where it left off.
    • Bonus: Accessibility: Learn how to make your iOS apps accessibile to those with disabilities.
    • Bonus: Secrets of Info.plist: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Info.plist!
    The PDF is in full color, and the books are black and white.


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