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    Online Marketing Course
    Уроки на английском языке!

    Содержание курса:
    Module 1: The Foundation of Diploma in Online Marketing
    Online Marketing otherwise known as Internet or Digital Marketing, is introduced in comparison to more “traditional” marketing techniques.

    Does Online Marketing work? Can it be used effectively for all business types? Can I employ these techniques successfully?

    The answers to these questions are a categorical yes but unfortunately obtaining tried and tested practical understanding and straight forward techniques to exploit the opportunities in the digital space are extremely difficult and not relevant to day to day business needs.

    The main practical methods are introduced, the importance of marketing goals and alignment with business and sales requirements are also discussed.

    Finally, some common misconceptions and buzzwords are dispelled while critical but simple online marketing rules are presented.
    Module 2: Web Development for the Online Marketer
    Without understanding the very basics of how web pages are physically constructed and hosted, the Online Marketer is it a serious disadvantage. It is often dismissed as someone else’s job which leads to sub-standard marketing execution.

    On this programme all attendees will know how to build their own simple web pages using pure simple HTML (hyper text mark-up language) and also know how simple website folders are structured.

    Web editing software and hosting software are also introduced and shown how to employ in a practical sense.

    iFrames and pixels are ways of having third party code on your website or vice versa. This is a core practical element of Online Marketing that is explained fully.

    Finally, working with developers & programme managers to get your website or online marketing objectives achieved is also taught.
    Module 3: Web Design for the Online Marketer
    The Internet in all its forms puts the old mantra of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action on steroids. Images and graphics are critical to achieve success with these marketing goals.

    However, there are some very common pitfalls that are all too often not known, forgotten or even ignored. Are the images consistent with marketing objectives, are they of the right size in both dimensions and file weight? Do we know what colours drive user action in the online arena? Are “flashy graphics” good or bad? Do your images work on all devices?

    In this lesson, a practical guide is presented that starts with defining web design to how to create and amend basic images using commonly used web design software.

    We also consider images being viewed across multiple devices, the use of responsive web design principles, image optimisation and design goals.
    Module 4: Tracking Success
    One of the main advantages of online marketing over more traditional methods is the ability to track success. Without continually tracking and improving web assets and associated online marketing campaigns, the opportunities for success are greatly limited.

    In this lesson we introduce the use of “Analytics” across multiple web channels including the website itself, social assets and using with email. Due to the scope, robustness and flexibility a large portion of this module focuses on Google Analytics. Students are shown practically how it works and how to implement it on your web site including the setting of goals.

    The reporting capabilities of Google Analytics are discussed with practical examples of how to graph data, customise graph trends, create and adjust filters and track goal flows.

    Profiling revenue generating leads and customers are also covered in the “big data” sub heading.

    A lesson not to be missed for the serious Online Marketer!
    Module 5: Software as a Service (SaaS)
    We often hear references to “the cloud” but what does this mean for the focused online marketer?

    In this lesson we look at how businesses of all sizes can avail of “bleeding edge” technologies to effectively manage lead and customer flows whether it is one a day to tens of thousands.

    If you are serious about Online marketing you have to be serious about customer support and this is where Online CRM software acts as a hub for your business. From automated web to CRM leads, to marketing segmentation and automated communication integration, online CRMs give businesses of all sizes a platform for success. The world’s most popular systems are introduced with a clear path for your costs to only grow with the success of your online marketing.

    More advanced Marketing automation is also introduced that uses SaaS as a way to profile your marketing leads demographic and behavioural activity and how to implement the principles of lead nurturing in a practical way.
    Module 6: Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)
    In the old days the marketer would put ads on billboards, TV, radio and other traditional media to build “brand awareness” with unclear ideas in relation to return on investment (ROI). With the advent of online advertising and particularly pay per click (PPC), we now have the tools to spend only on what delivers results beyond the click and through to the sale or other objectives.

    In this lesson, we show the online marketer how to set PPC goals, how to choose and use search keywords in the pay per click campaign, how to write search ads, how to employ suitable geographic targeting, how to use ad frequency capping, exploit re-marketing along with the importance of Relevance and Quality Scoring.

    Display advertising and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) are also evaluated in the context of a successful PPC campaign.

    A lot to get through but worth the effort!
    Module 7: Online Affiliate Marketing
    Online Affiliate Marketing is often overlooked by smaller businesses in the broader context of Online Marketing. However, it is a multi-billion €/$/£ process that is successfully used by companies of all sizes.

    What is it? It is another way of saying partner business development. How do we use it online?

    In this lesson we introduce Cost per Acquisition (CPA) methods to only pay for paying customers introduced by partners. We compare this to other partner incentives including Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost per Click (CPC) and the older Cost per thousand (CPM) incentives.

    Setting up your partner platform to attract suitable partners, working with partner networks and being an attractive partner are also presented in a practical sense.

    Once this module is completed, all students will understand the power of partner referrals and how to get started.
    Module 8: Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Optimisation is simply the science and art of getting your web presence to appear higher on search engine results pages. For example, you may want your product or service to appear on page 1 of Google in your country when someone searches for that product or service.

    So what can we do to achieve this? Are there any magic bullets? The answer to the former is “quite a lot” and the latter is “Unfortunately, no”.

    In this lesson we introduce “On-Site” optimisation that looks at aspects of your web presence that includes, meta-tags, header tags, keyword densities and suitable website development techniques.

    The “black hat” techniques are dispelled and “Off-Site” techniques such as “back linking” are also evaluated.

    Some common Dos and Don’ts are highlighted with the Ultimate Rule of SEO explained in a common sense way regardless of your level of experience
    Module 9: Social Marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    We all have a view on social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and even Google Plus. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. But if you are a disbeliever, you cannot argue with their sheer size. For instance, Facebook has over 1 billion users and 1 million advertisers. This is just the tip of the iceberg and the potential is truly limitless.

    In this lesson we look at how businesses can maximise the opportunities of effectively using social web assets across multiple providers. How to build social assets is shown but also how to keep them relevant and updated without overloading valuable and scarce business resources. Software that can assist with this is also presented

    Forums and Online Reputation Management (ORM) is also discussed. How to deal with negative reviews on online forums and build a platform for dealing with rogue and valid negative reviews are also presented.

    A must for anyone aiming to impact on business marketing in the 21st Century.
    Module 10: Email Marketing and Building a Platform for Success
    So you have attracted thousands of leads to your website CRM through the successful methodologies you have learnt on this programme. So now you want to send them an email to tell them about the fantastic good value product or service that you know they should be interested in purchasing. So what next?

    In this lesson, we discuss the merits of finding a suitable software programme to manage communications with your leads and customers that is also appropriate for the size of your business. We show some of the more popular email software programmes and what to consider when setting them up.

    Data protection is also considered before getting into the meat of creating successful emails.

    Personalisation, graphical versus standard email design layouts, subject lines and call to actions are all presented in a matter-of-fact way. Analytics and Optimisation are also re-introduced in the context of email marketing.

    Finally, we provide a recap on the complete Diploma in Online Marketing and discuss the practicalities of employing the knowledge you have gained for the benefit of your business.
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