Color Management in DaVinci Resolve 17 [RippleTraining] [Alexis Van Hurkman]

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    Color Management in DaVinci Resolve 17
    Автор: Alexis Van Hurkman

    Студия: RippleTraining

    Год: 2021

    Программное обеспечение: Davinci Resolve 17

    In this tutorial you will learn how Resolve Color Management (RCM) works in Resolve 17 to save you time by removing color space guesswork; but more importantly, the information you gain will provide a foundation for confidently working with media from different camera sources.
    Color management has been greatly simplified in Resolve 17 by providing presets that let you configure RCM with a single menu selection. No matter what your level of expertise, you’ll learn how easy it is to choose the proper SDR or HDR color management preset that matches the primary deliverable you plan on outputting to.
    Resolve 17 offers new tone mapping options that allow more accurate distribution of image data across shadows, midtones and highlights when combining SDR and HDR media in the same timeline. You’ll learn about Display Render Transforms (DRTs), that provide smooth rolloffs in the shadows and highlights while giving you the option for preserving image saturation for pushing the image harder during the grading process.
    Resolve 17’s new Wide Gamut settings provide a reliable internal working color space which encompasses a practical maximum of what image data any given camera can capture. You’ll learn how this new setting will provide extremely accurate input to timeline color space conversions so that you never have to worry about image data loss, whether you are working in SDR or HDR.


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