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    Anna Wintour teaches creativity and leadership
    How to be a boss

    A fashion and media icon, Anna Wintour has been driving our cultural conversation for more than 30 years. The Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director of Condé Nast takes off her signature sunglasses and gives you unprecedented access to her world. See how Anna nurtures talent, makes bold decisions, and evolves a brand. Learn how to lead with impact from a visionary creative leader.

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    • Introduction
      Meet your new instructor: Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour. Anna opens with the early experiences that shaped her leadership style, and she explains why there’s never been a more exciting time to work as a creative leader.
    • Getting the Work Done: Anna’s Management Tips
      Anna walks through the management techniques—including how to build and manage a team, and how to give feedback—that have helped her be an effective leader.
    • Starting Out: Finding Your Voice and Succeeding
      Anna discusses her dos and don’ts for interviewing. She also shares practical tips for those starting out in their careers, including how to discover your creative voice and the best ways to interact with your mentors.
    • Inside Vogue: Leading With a Vision
      Inviting you into her office at Vogue, Anna shows how she leads with a clear vision and point of view while encouraging creativity and collaboration among her team members. Anna also addresses how she deals with criticism.
    • Editorial Decision-Making
      With her forward-thinking and sometimes surprising editorial choices, Anna has kept Vogue relevant for more than 30 years. She explores the process behind several of her controversial covers and features, and explains why making mistakes is vital.
    • Executing a Vision: Transforming the Met Gala
      The Met Gala was not always the cultural touchstone it is today. Bringing you behind the scenes of the 2019 Met Gala, Anna shows how attention to every detail makes the gala one of the most influential and talked-about events of the year.
    • The Power of an Image: Photographers and Models
      Photography is critical for communicating your message and your brand. Anna looks at a few of the greatest photographers and models of our time, and she offers tips for aspiring creative leaders on the power of the image.
    • Evolving a Brand: A Look Back at Iconic Vogue Covers
      Anna delves into the Vogue archives to discuss a number of her most famous, iconic, and memorable covers. She breaks down her decisions and how those decisions helped evolve the Vogue brand.
    • Designers: What It Takes to Succeed
      Anna has launched the careers of some of fashion’s most world-renowned designers. She talks about what makes a designer stand out to her, and she gives essential tips for surviving as a creative today.
    • Spotting Designer Talent: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund
      Taking you behind the scenes of the 2018 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, Anna reveals what the judges look for in new and upcoming talent, and she gives advice to help designers and creatives succeed.
    • Case Studies: Lessons From Creative Leaders
      Telling the stories of Christopher Bailey, Miuccia Prada, and Michael Kors, Anna highlights what has made these creative leaders successful.
    • Leading With Impact
      Iconic leaders don’t just execute on their job; they also build relationships with their audience and take a stand. Anna speaks about the deeper meaning in her work and why it’s always important to give credit to others

    Первый он-лайн курс от Анны Винтур, главного редактора легендарного Vogue. Анна расскажет, как быть боссом, развивать бренд, строить команду и не терять креативного видения.
    Также будет предоставлен доступ к рабочей тетради курса, где вы найдете советы о построении своей бизнес империи, поиску креативных идей.
    2.Советы по менеджменту от Анны
    3.Найти свой голос: советы для интервью, как взаимодействовать с наставниками, советы для начинающих карьеру
    4.Внутри Vogue: лидерство с видением
    5. Принятие редакторских решений: почему важно совершать ошибки
    6.Воплощаем видение: закулисье Met Gala - как внимание к деталям сделало это событие одним из самых обсуждаемых событий года
    7. Сила изображения: фотографы и модели
    8.Развиваем бренд - разбор знаменитых обложек Vogue - как это позволило развить бренд
    9. Дизайнеры: чего стоит успех
    10.Как разглядеть талант в других
    11.Разбор бизнес кейсов: уроки от креативных лидеров
    12. Руководство с влиянием

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