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    The Problem with Extreme ‘Crash’ Diets
    Most people want to lose fat as fast as possible, so they invariably gravitate towards extreme crash diets.

    Well, in this video you’ll learn why this never works and how it can mess up your body. In addition, you’ll discover:

    • Why extreme fat loss is always a bad idea (and leads to the yo yo effect)
    • Why extreme diets sabotage sex drive, mood and testosterone levels
    • How to get amazing results while sidestepping the negative effects of extreme dieting
    Why Intermittent Fasting Is So Effective For Getting Lean
    You’ve heard it all before… “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” Or, “You need to consume small meals every few hours to drop fat.”

    Yeah right!

    Most nutrition advice is sublimated to marketing… In this video you’ll learn how Intermittent Fasting (aka skipping breakfast) can be the most powerful fat burner in existence:

    • What happens when you skip breakfast, the truth you’ve never been told
    • How to make intermittent fasting effortless with a few simple strategies
    • How to eat big, satisfying meals and drop fat fast
    Why Most Workouts Suck on an Aggressive Fat Loss Plan
    You want that super lean and defined body. So that means hours of cardio, circuits and weights, right?

    Wrong. Training on a fat loss plan needs to be kept quite minimal, otherwise you break your body down and create an insatiable appetite that makes dieting, near impossible.

    In this video, I’ll reveal:

    • Why most extreme workout protocols kill your training performance and fat loss goals
    • What happens to your recovery abilities when you are on an aggressive cut
    • Exactly how to maintain muscle or even build strength on an aggressive cut

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