Ableton Live 8. MacProvideo - Live 8 404: Making Electronic Dance Music [2010 г., ENG]

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  1. Sagamorych

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    MacProvideo - Live 8 404 Making Electronic Dance Music1.jpeg
    Г-да переводчики, сколько будет стоить перевод этого курса?

    Легенда House музыки Olav Basoski показывает приёмы создания танцевального хита.
    House Music Legend Olav Basoski shows how he uses Ableton Live to make chart topping dance floor anthems. Olav Basoski is back and this time he's turned his incredible chart-topping song skills to his new favourite audio tool, Ableton Live 8! In these new, Pro Level Ableton Live 8 tutorials Olav Basoski shows you how he constructs his monster dance floor anthems in Ableton Live 8. You'll learn insider tips and tricks for structuring your tracks, using compressors, EQs and other DSP effects, and hot mixing tips that will make your songs shred dancefloors the same way Olav's do. Olav has produced hundreds of Dance records and he owns 3 of the worlds most popular dance music labels: Work Records, Samplitude Records, and Rootz Records. If you want to produce songs like a legend of the house music industry, you need to check out this new tutorial by Olav Basoski.
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  2. Бамбарбия

    Бамбарбия Бамбарбия БанЗабанен

    минут то сколько ?
  3. Sagamorych

    Sagamorych Sagamorych БанЗабанен

    не качал---узнаю)
  4. AntonyoAxvello

    AntonyoAxvello AntonyoAxvello БанЗабанен

    Было бы круто с переводом

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