2017 Schweser CFA Level-1 (VividBook)

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    Компактный материал (по сравнению со стандартным curriculum) для подготовки к сдачи экзамена CFA

    The Level I CFA® exam is an extremely challenging test comprised of 240 multiple-choice questions. It is vital that you not only have a firm grasp on the CFA curriculum, but that you are able to apply your knowledge and answer questions quickly and accurately. Drill and practice is absolutely essential to passing the Level I exam, so our CFA content experts have designed our study materials to help you perfect your exam-taking skills. Our instructors have years of experience helping thousands of candidates pass the Level I CFA exam—now trust them to help you pass.

    • Study anytime, anywhere with the convenience of mobile-friendly study tools*
    • Master the CFA curriculum with our concise SchweserNotes™ and apply your knowledge with practice questions and self-tests
    • Refine your exam-taking skills with practice questions from the SchweserPro™ QBank and two packed volumes of Practice Exams
    • Our CFA instructors will cover the key points of the Level I curriculum and walk you through demonstration problems during a Weekly Class
    • Learn exam strategies and perfect your exam technique during a Review Workshop
    • Replicate the pressures of exam day with a realistic Schweser Mock Exam

    June Level I CFA® Exam Essential Self Study Package
    June Level I CFA® Exam Essential Self Study Package

    [​IMG]Essential Self Study Package

    The Essential Self Study Package is an excellent choice for candidates who want a comprehensive CFA® study program, but would prefer to prepare, practice, and perform on their own. The Essential Self Study Package contains our world-renowned SchweserNotes™, six full-length practice exams, the SchweserPro™ QBank, and an array of print and online study tools. If you have the commitment and motivation to study and learn at your own pace, check out the Essential Self Study Package for your CFA exam preparation.

    Материал взят отсюда (неофициальный продажник). Цена существенно дешевле ($100 против 650 на сайте Швайзера)

    Цену закреплю от Premium Package, так как видео уроки с 2015 предоставляются только на онлайн платформе (vividbook не гарантирует их наличие в этом году).
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