Собрание сочинений Милтона Эриксона (часть 2, том 9-16, английский язык)

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    Здесь мы собираемся на покупку собрания сочинений одного из величайших Мастеров гипноза Милтона Эриксона для последующего перевода на русский язык

    Собрание сочинений Милтона Эриксона
    The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson

    Часть 1 (том 1-8)

    Часть 2 (том 9-16)


    Перевод описания остальных томов в процессе...

    Том 9

    This volume is a rare record of Milton H. Erickson's pioneering genius in facilitating the evolution of new patterns of consciousness and identity in a young woman. It is the only completely documented report of an entire hypnotherapeutic case from the middle phase of Erickson's career, when his innovative approaches were being developed. It brilliantly illustrates the actual words and methods used by Erickson that are currently transforming the meaning and essence of the entire field of psychotherapy. Therapists of all persuasions will appreciate the detailed commentaries offered by Erickson himself on the whys, ways, and means of his naturalistic and permissive approaches to healing. This intimate portrait will be treasured by all who seek to grow along with one of the most humane therapists of our time.

    Количество страниц: 266

    Том 10

    Includes the updating essay—“What is a Suggestion? The Neuroscience of Implicit Processing Heuristics in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy” By Ernest L. Rossi and Kathryn L. Rossi

    “For the many who never had the opportunity and never will have the opportunity to attend workshops led by Milton Erickson, this work will serve as an invaluable surrogate. Psychotherapists, in general, as well as hypnotherapists, will find the work rewarding reading and study, for Erickson is above all a psychotherapist, and his modus operandi transcends clinical hypnotism. As for academicians and researchers, I believe they will find enough food for thought and research here to keep them busy for some time to come.” —Andre M. Weitzenhoffer

    Количество страниц: 351

    Том 11

    In my original Foreword to this volume I expressed the opinion that, with Milton Erickson, Ernest Rossi “has done the best job to date in clarifying Erickson’s ideas on the nature of hypnosis and hypnotic therapy, on techniques of hypnotic induction, on ways of inducing therapeutic change and of validating this change.” Many books have been written about Erickson’s approaches to therapy in the 33 years that have passed since this book was published, yet I will still stand with that opinion. On reading or re-reading this book and others, edited by or co-written by Ernest Rossi we cannot fail to be impressed by Rossi’s ideas, about the Utilization Approach and the development of new frames of reference, for example. These ideas have become so accepted in different approaches to psychotherapy that they seem to have been obvious and to have existed forever. We are especially struck by Erickson’s incredible, sometimes exquisite use of words. As Paul Watzlawick has noted Erickson “heals with words.” —Sidney Rosen, MD

    Количество страниц: 495

    Том 12

    Indirect communication is the overall concept we use to cover what we have variously described as two-level communication, the naturalistic approach, and the utilization approach. The common denominator of all these approaches is that hypnotherapy involves something more than simple talk on a single, objective level. The readily apparent, overt content of a message is like the tip of an iceberg. The recipient of indirect communication is usually not aware of the extent to which his or her associative processes have been set in motion automatically in many directions. Hypnotic suggestion received in this manner results in the automatic evocation and utilization of the patient’s own unique repertory of response potentials to achieve therapeutic goals that might have been otherwise beyond reach. In our previous volumes we outlined the operation of this process as the microdynamics of trance induction and suggestion.

    Количество страниц: 307

    Том 13

    This contains a fascinating biographical chapter on Milton Erickson, revealing the many important events of his life that contributed to the development of his ideas. The lectures, seminars and workshops were not scholarly by nature. They were usual spontaneous, with only a very general theme to guide them. The special interests, needs and questions from each group of participants frequently generated ingenious, unpremeditated demonstrations of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. All contributed to a significant shift from the older authoritarian techniques of hypnosis to the more creative approaches pioneered by Erickson.

    Количество страниц: 311

    Том 14

    This volume is an incredibly rich presentation of his ingenious approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. It was during the time period covered by this volume that Erickson wrote some of his most original papers on the naturalistic and utilization techniques which are considered to be the essence of his approach. It was Erickson’s genius to find in the natural patterns of everyday behavior the secrets of each patient’s individuality which he then utilized for therapeutic purposes. The stories and anecdotes he tells about his friends, family, colleagues, and patients in this volume provide a delightful tapestry illustrating just how his creative mind went about the process of scientific discovery and hypnotherapeutic innovation.

    Количество страниц: 328

    Том 15

    This volume features much of the source material wherein Erickson first expressed his views on psychosomatic medicine and healing. It will be of vital interest to students, therapists, and practitioners of therapeutic hypnosis who want to integrate Erickson’s approaches with the current breakthroughs that are taking place in psychoneuroimmunology and the new mind-body methods of holistic healing. The issues dealt with in this volume are fundamental. Many laboratory researchers believe we are in the midst of a profound revolution that is resolving the mind-body problem. Cartesian dualism has dissolved. Well-designed research experiments are demonstrating the psychobiological pathways by which mind modulates the biochemistry of the body. We are learning how the languages of mind (thought, imagery, emotion, and sensation) are communicating with the languages of the body (hormones, messenger molecules, information substances).

    Количество страниц: 327

    Том 16

    More than any other individual, Milton Erickson has been responsible for shaping the modern view of hypnosis. This volume explores some important questions through a presentation, never before published, of Erickson’s own hypnotic workshops and demonstrations: is hypnosis a process of manipulation or facilitation? does the hypnotherapist control people? does the hypnotherapist simply give people permission to heal themselves? The authoritarian-permissive paradox of hypnotherapy is most evident in Erickson’s use of the double bind. Volume IV takes the reader on a journey that recaptures his evolution of the therapeutic double bind: from a technique based on an authoritarian concept of ‘illusory choice’, to a modern vision of the double bind as a ‘free choice among comparable alternatives’. This new vision represents a profound shift in attitude: creative choice, not control or manipulation, as the inherent agent of healing in psychotherapy.

    Количество страниц: 285

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    Создатели сборника: Ernest Rossi | Kathryn Rossi | Roxanna Erickson Klein


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