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    YourDoom - How to Play OOP from the Blinds Version 2016


    Video 1: The Basics

    • Basic info we need to know for Beginner to Intermediate Players
    • HUD stats that we'll be using
    • YourDoom discusses Playing at Zero EV and Shipping Preflop

    Video 2: How to use my HM2 HUD and Popups (July 2015 version)

    • A detailed explanation of the HUD and each popup that I use
    • Dominate your opponents using the most state-of-the-art technologies available
      A free copy of the HUD+Popups is provided for all course members
      Easy import instruction are provided
      The HUD is updated often
      Purchasing this course entitles you to download this HUD and all future versions at no additional charge

    Video 3: How to Defend Your BB vs. any Opening Range

    • Your general Defend range vs. various opening percentages
    • Which hands are better to flat vs which hands are better to 3-bet bluff vs different players

    Video 4: Better Information about This Trend to Defend Very Wide vs. Button Steal

    A deep examination of the profitability of defending different subsets of trash hands
    The "Superior Player Axom"
    Giving your complete confidence and clarity on what hands to defend and why vs. each particular opponent

    Video 5: How To Play Your Weak Draws OOP in SRP

    Our standard game plan with weak draws OOP HU and multiway
    Variations based on opponent tendencies
    Good bluffing opportunities and disguising our ranges

    Video 6: When to Check-Raise Bluff and how to Proceed on Later Streets

    • Creating an aggressive dynamic
    • When to fire the turn. When to Check-fold
    • Which hands are better to xR as a bluff
    • Which boards are bettter to xR as a bluff

    Video 7: SB Adjustments and Bluff Catching

    • Adjustments for the Small Blind
    • How to play your monsters
    • Hands where Check-calling is the most optimal line

    Video 8: The Line Between Check-Calling and Check-Raise Semi Bluffing

    • A discussion and analysis of different situations
    • When to check-call as a bluff catcher
    • When to check-raise as a semi-bluff

    Video 9: Optimizing Your River Play OOP

    • An advanced and precise look at when to check call river vs. when to check fold the river
    • Calculating an opponent's range on the river after three c-bets
    • Using technology to aid your decision

    Video 10: The Line Between Check-Calling and Check-Raising for Value

    • Expanding your value range
    • When a bluff catcher becomes a value hand
    • Using unbalanced ranges to your advantage

    Video 11: Playing AJo and KQo in a Multiway Pot

    Exactly how to play AJo and KQo in all multiway pot scenarios

    Video 12: Crushing the Check-Back on the Flop

    • How to crush a player checking back for pot control
    • How to use technology to fully exploit the check-back

    Video 13: Completing the Small Blind

    • How often to complete the Small Blind in a limped pot
    • How to play the flop in a multiway pot
    • Flop donk bets in action

    Video 14: Multiway - Check-Raising vs. Donking

    • When to Check-raise vs. when to donk the flop

    Video 15: How to Counter an Aggressive Check-Raiser

    • Playing your button vs. several different types of players
    • Analyzing players value vs. bluff check-raise ratios on different boards

    Video 16: Betting the River for Thin Value and Floating Multiway

    • How to Play the River with Top Pair when the Board Pairs
    • Floating multiway with zero equity.
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