[ПОВТОР] Chevereto - ваш собственный хостинг изображений (Network license)

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем cocieri, 24 авг 2016.

Цена: 6347р.
Взнос: 6347р.

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  1. cocieri

    cocieri ЧКЧлен клуба

    Складчина на интересный скрипт хостинга изображений

    Возможности скрипта:
    Загрузка изображений методом drag-and-drop
    Полная адаптация под все мобильные девайсы и планшеты
    Постоянный контроль для изображениями, загружаемыми пользователями
    Регистрация пользователей с аккаунтов в соц.сетях: Twitter, Faceboo, Google+ и Вконтакте!
    Поддержка множества серверов
    Мультиязычность из коробки, в том числе и русский язык
    Широкие возможности по монетизации, 16 вариантов размещения рекламы на странице
    Пожизненные обновления, платим один раз, обновления получаем всегда
    Сетевая версия на множество доменов
    • Image upload
      • Unique and custom developed HTML5 uploader
      • Drag n' drop anywhere
      • Multiple image upload
      • Upload from your computer or image URL
      • Take pictures from your phone camera
      • Image resizing
      • Public/private upload
      • NSWF upload flag
      • Preview queue and progress
      • Embed codes
      • Daily duplicate upload detector (IP + MD5)
      • Configurable guest uploads on/off
      • Configurable thumbnails and medium sized image
        • Set size of thumbs (fixed)
        • Set width of medium (scaled height)
      • Configurable storage mode
        • Date-folders (2015/07/06).
        • Direct (/images)
    • Users
      • Unique user names
      • Encoded public IDs
      • Images and galleries (albums)
      • User profile
        • /username or /user/username configurable profile URLs
        • Bio
        • Social Networks login
        • BCrypted passwords
        • Avatar and profile background image
        • User albums and galleries
        • User search content
        • Counters (images and albums)
      • Multiple social networks
        • User can bind Google, Facebook, Twitter and VK to access to their accounts
      • Registration features
        • By email address + password combo
        • Social networks (configurable on/off require email address)
        • Configurable validate on/off user email address
      • User configurable settings
        • Username
        • User name (real name)
        • Email
        • Newsletter on/off
        • Show NSFW on/off
        • Language
        • Time zone
        • Profile (name, website, bio)
        • Password
        • Connected social networks
    • Images
      • Three (3) image Sizes: Thumb, medium and full (original)
      • Unique short URL (encrypted IDs)
      • Image categories
      • Image loading indicator (for large images)
      • NSFW / SFW image flags
      • Full EXIF show/hide info
      • Editable values (Title, Description, Category, Album, NSFW)
      • Configurable on/off download original image
      • Configurable on/off right click on image
      • Views counter
    • Albums / User galleries
      • Public and private albums
      • Editable album descriptions, name and privacy
      • Content manager (move, delete, Etc.)
      • Set privacy (public, private, anyone with the Link)
    • Content
      • Listings
        • List by most recent, popularity and oldest
        • Built-in Bulk content manager (Multiple editing)
        • Built-in privacy scope
        • Configurable endless scrolling or classic pagination
        • Configurable fixed height or fluid (like pinterest)
        • Configurable columns number
        • Get embed codes for selected elements
        • Configurable on/off blur for NSFW content
      • Content Manager
        • Universal manager (available all system-wide)
        • Drag select for easy mass item selection
        • Manage single and multiple image or album content
        • Bulk flag content, assign category, delete, move to album, etc.
        • Manage users (dashboard)
      • Categories
        • Support for unlimited categories
        • Set name, URL and description
        • SEO friendly categories
      • Search
        • Full text search engine
        • Basic and advanced search
        • Search images, albums and users
        • Advanced search with excluded words
        • Search operators
          • category:name
          • storage:id
          • ip:
      • Share
        • Social Networks
        • Embed codes (HTML and BBCode)
      • Pages
        • G\ Library wrapper to add advanced pages
        • Totally customizable with full PHP support
        • Bundled examples
          • Contact form with reCAPTCHA
          • Terms of service
          • Privacy policy
      • Additional features
        • One click configurable display EU Cookie law
        • Twitter Cards
        • Facebook Open Graph
    • SEO
      • SEO optimized titles and descriptions
      • Set Website title and description
      • Configurable SEO friendly categories
      • Usage of own content meta descriptions
      • Friendly descriptive URLs
    • Ad manager (banners)
      • Manage banners directly from admin panel
      • 16 predefined placements
      • Support any banner HTML/JS code and size
    • Watermarks
      • Adaptive watermarks
      • Protect your copyright
      • Configure watermark image, opacity and position
      • Enable/disable per user group (guest, user, admin)
    • Support
      • Direct and fast support direct from the developer
      • More than 5,000 clients and 7 years on market
      • We can help you to install, customize and extend
    • Configurable core features
      • Enable or disable features like user registration, image upload (guest/registered), random, explore, search, homepage cover, etc.
    • Website modes
      • Community and personal site-wide modes that you can highly configure
      • Configurable global website privacy mode (public/private)
    • Responsive layout
      • Responsive layout (multi-device)
      • Optimized for any screen resolution
      • Heavy optimized for image content
      • Works in phones, phablets, tablets and computers
    • Admin dashboard
      • System stats and info
      • Manage content (images, albums, users)
      • Manually create users
      • Configurable settings
        • Website (name, description, etc.)
        • Content (Privacy, listings, etc.)
        • Image upload (permissions, size, thumbs, paths, etc.)
        • User sign up methods, email confirmation, routing, etc.
        • Watermarks
        • Theme (Logo, tone, custom CSS and Js)
        • Banner codes
        • System features
        • Email configuration (SMTP)
        • Social networks
        • External services
        • External storage
        • On/off system features (explore, search, random, etc.)
        • IP bans
        • Listing settings
        • EU Cookie law compliance
    • Security features
      • IP-based banning system
        • Ban any IP from using the system
        • Set ban expiration date
        • Set ban message, or HTML display or a URL redirection
      • Configurable Flood protection
        • Avoid malicious attempts to flood your website
        • Set limits by minute, hour, week and month
        • Get flood reports instantly to your email
      • System-wide CSRF protection
    • Themes
      • Bundled with two tones (light and and dark)
      • Similar to Wordpress theme system
      • Cast any PHP code (Listings, info, external classes, etc.)
      • Add banners and links
      • Add any JS, CSS and HTML code
      • Customizable settings
        • Main active color
        • Top bar color
        • Homepage logo, title, text and call to action
        • Website logo
        • Homepage background
        • Homepage call-to-action
    • System
      • Built in classes for upload, handling, listing, etc.
      • Themes support
      • Extremely configurable (Website values, upload settings, etc.)
      • All HTML 5 based (Default theme)
      • Queue handler
      • Smart Minify code (JS, CSS)
      • Cache translations (built on top of Gettext)
      • Configurable maintenance mode
      • System notices
      • IP-based banning system
      • G\DB PDO based
      • Encoded IDs
        • Never shows the real ID of the content
        • Works by converting numeric IDs to alphanumeric representation
      • Debug modes
        • Stack traces
        • Enable/disable
    • Multi-storage servers
      • Support for unlimited storage servers
      • Set capacity and URL mapping
      • Supports Amazon S3, FTP and SFTP
    • Multi-language system
      • Bundled with 26 languages
      • Manual and Automatic language detection
      • Configurable enabled languages
      • Supports translations overrides (easy phrase editing)
      • Works with cache (fastest performance)
    • API
      • Bundled API to upload pictures
      • Documented
      • JSON, TXT and redirect responses
      • Supports ShareX desktop uploader
    • Code
      • Unencrypted source code
      • Based on own developed frameworks:
      • G\ Library
        • Cutting Edge PHP programming
        • MVC PHP micro-framework
        • Fast and lightweight
        • Object oriented
        • Namespaces
        • Routes with overrides and aliases
        • Overwrites and extensions
        • Themes
      • Peafowl framework (theme base)
        • CSS/JS front-end framework
        • Responsive
        • Font icons
        • Listings
        • Complete set of tools:
          • Alerts
          • Modal boxes
          • Form and grid elements
          • Tabs
    • External services integrations
      • Social networks sign up
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Google+
        • VK
      • Storage servers
        • Amazon S3
        • Google Cloud
        • FTP
        • SFTP
      • Disqus
      • reCAPTCHA (Both v1 and v2)
      • CDNs (like MaxCDN)
      • CloudFlare

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  3. alex-forever90

    alex-forever90 ЧКЧлен клуба

    Плохо что нет встроенного графического редактора (обрезать, повернуть и т.п.), хотя бы примитивные вещи. Или есть?
  4. burneds

    burneds ЧКЧлен клуба

    С прошлой складчины ,ни один человек не смог использовать скрипт, автор тупо заваливает хостеров жалобами. А орг у нас был опытный не спасло.потом просто сказал не может быть у одного человека 50 сайтов , и забанил Ак орга.
  5. Nemmi

    Nemmi БанЗабанен

    Так же участвовал в прошлой складчине (на которую ведет ссылка), автор за недели две по закрывал все сайты.
  6. Ohhnekot

    Ohhnekot ЧКЧлен клуба

    модератор, может тогда разделим складчину на 10 человек в каждой?
    тогда все ок будет + не будет жалобы от создателя.

    и так выгодно! лицензия будет стоить около 650 руб
  7. Ohhnekot

    Ohhnekot ЧКЧлен клуба

    вы готовы купить по 989 руб?
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