Отражения на воде. Акрил.

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  1. sewerina

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    Как писать воду акрилом - отражения, глубина, волны.
    На продажнике есть видео-превью.

    Курс на английском.

    Improve the realism of your waterscapes by learning how to paint convincing reflections on both tranquil and choppy waters.

    • 6 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
    • Class materials
    • Hours of close-up instruction
    • Answers to student questions from instructor Peter John Reid
    • Closed captioning available (web only)
    Discover how to paint reflections on water alongside professional artist and instructor Peter John Reid. Start by practicing a wet-in-wet blending technique you'll use throughout class as you paint a dynamic sky and its reflection on water. Next explore how to paint reflections on rippling water for a dramatic result. Take your skills further as you see how to modify your painted reflections depending on the depth of the water. Then get step-by-step guidance for using rounded, elongated brush strokes to recreate the appearance of choppy water and the subtle color shifts it produces. Plus, you'll even see how glazing techniques can help you finish your painting with smooth color transitions, an enhanced sense of depth and more.



    До 7-го числа акция - будут цены до 20 долларов.
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