Основы визуального дизайна от художника 343 Industries (Halo)

Тема в разделе "Курсы по дизайну", создана пользователем Br0ken, 14 июл 2018.

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  1. Br0ken

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    Обширное руководство по основам дизайна от Алекса Сенешала - талантливого концепт-дизайнера, работавшего, в том числе, над Halo.
    11 часов полезнейшего контента за смешные деньги, включая процесс создания концепта оружия во Fusion 360 + сама модель оружия.

    Оригинальное описание:
    I created this tutorial to give any artist a solid design foundation as well as a clear path forward in design.

    I also to include my thoughts on how to improve as an artist and designer. I find that people struggle to apply the principals and wanted to make it easier to pick up and start implementing in their own work. This is especially true for 3D art, as a 3D artist first, I know getting into design can be difficult, I include 3D examples and breakdowns so its easier to see contextualize and apply. Of course though these principals can be applied to any medium and at any skill level.

    Images can be seen here: www.artstation.com/artwork/Klvxr


    - 6.5 hours weapon design demo from start to finish, with real-time commentary.

    - Weapon Model Files FREE for personal or commercial use. (IGES/OBJ/FBX files included.)


    - 10 chapters of video lessons coving the following principals:

    1. Vocabulary

    2. How to learn (advice and tips for growing as an artist)

    3. Hierarchy/ Eveness

    4. Echoing

    5. Rhythm and Repetition

    6. Shape and Form Contrast

    7. Depth and Overlap

    8. Grouping

    9. Detail Distribution

    10. Balance and Flow

    -Bonus video on Quick Design Tips and Learning strategies

    -Design infographics and list of good resources for continued learning.

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