Метод лечения рака экстрактом японских грибов. 88% историй успеха излечения [ENG]

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    Пришла на почту медицинская рассылка от американцев о методе лечения рака экстрактом японских грибов с успехом 88%. Данный метод пришел из Японии, применяется в 1000 клиниках там. В Америке этот метод недавно и по этой теме американцы издали книгу “Hopeless to Healed: How to TRIPLE Your Chance of Survival, Even If You Have Stage-4 Cancer and Nothing Else has Worked”, на которую мы будем собираться.


    Оригинал статьи продажника
    A Special Report by Dr. Allan Spreen


    “Within 3 to 4 weeks you can see
    massive tumors melting away.”
    ~ Dr. Belldegrun, UCLA

    Dean Aldridge: Advanced leukemia, wiped out in 8 days!

    Isaac Breton: 70 tumors… dissolved in 2 weeks!

    John Fivaz: Melanoma… vanished after 3 treatments!

    Martin Harmon: Inoperable tumor… gone in 1 month!

    Dillon O’Reilly: 5lb of cancer cells… vaporized in just months!

    Polly Gibson: Stage-4 lung cancer, obliterated within weeks!

    Will YOU be next?

    Meet Father Daniel Bowen* from Pennsylvania...

    Father Daniel is living proof of a modern day miracle – one that literally brings cancer patients back from the brink of death...

    In 2010, he heard the words that each of us dreads:

    “You have cancer.”

    More specifically, Father Daniel was diagnosed with aggressive, late-stage leukemia.

    Several grueling rounds of chemotherapy failed to destroy the cancer... and his treatment options dried up.

    *Model used for illustrative purposes only.

    He was running out of time.

    That’s when Father Daniel’s doctors told him about an astonishing breakthrough in the war on cancer that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard of before.

    “It is a powerful treatment for patients who have exhausted all conventional therapies,” Father Daniel’s doctors told him.

    And they weren’t exaggerating...

    Just six weeks after his first treatment at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Father Daniel was officially in remission.

    Can you imagine being cancer-free just six weeks from now?

    “I had a lot of people praying for me,” says Father Daniel. “I believe that had an influence on the outcome.”

    But Father Daniel wasn’t the only terminal cancer patient who beat the odds.

    An incredible 88% of the clinical trial’s participants achieved complete remission!

    If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!

    My friend, this breakthrough has the power to forever change the lives of millions of Americans… including you.

    You see, 1,500 cancer patients will die today… another 1,500 tomorrow… and another 1,500 every single day thereafter.

    Tragically, many could be cured, even those with late-stage, chemo-resistant cancer…

    In fact, many patients who’ve received this new treatment were terminally ill; some were ready for hospice; one guy had already bought a grave…

    But then something incredible happened…

    “We take patients that have failed every treatment, every chemo combination, that have just 2 to 6 months to live. Within 3 to 4 weeks you can see massive tumors melting away,” says UCLA cancer specialist, Dr. Arie Belldegrun.

    In other words, this stunning new cancer breakthrough could change your prognosis from INCURABLE to CURED—even if nothing else has worked.

    My name, by the way, is Dr. Allan Spreen.

    I’m a Senior Panelist at the prestigious Health Sciences Institute—a global network of forward-thinking doctors and researchers, headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

    For the past 18 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the most promising medical research of our times, including life-changing breakthroughs for debilitating diseases like arthritis… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and more.

    But this cancer cure is hands-down our most exciting discovery to date…

    Frankly, this new treatment is one of the most astonishing developments I’ve ever seen.

    Of course, I don’t need to tell you that with cancer, every moment counts.

    So please… if you or a loved one is battling this deadly disease, pay close attention to this urgent message.

    Because finally, the cure for cancer that researchers have been chasing for 100+ years has been found.

    But you’ll never guess where...

    As crazy as it sounds, the cure for cancer is already inside you.

    To the amazement of researchers across the country, science has definitively shown that everything you need to rid your body of cancer is encoded in your DNA.

    That’s right.

    The answer has been right under our noses all along!

    “The body already possesses the ability to defeat cancer, and medicine’s role was to find a way to marshal the healing work it is naturally capable of,” says my colleague, Dr. Lawrence Fong at the University of California San Francisco.

    In other words, this new approach is revolutionizing the entire field… turning standard cancer treatment on its head.

    Now… if you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you.

    There are plenty of cancer “cures” lurking in the backwaters of the internet, which hardly ever live up to their claims.

    But I’ve read dozens of peer-reviewed clinical trials conducted at top-notch hospitals like Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

    That’s why I can assure you—this astonishing discovery is the REAL DEAL.

    So even if it sounds too good to be true, please stick with me, and you’ll see that the science behind this new approach to treating cancer is irrefutable.

    Mark my words:

    This epic breakthrough, which could TRIPLE your chance of survival, is
    poised to change everything modern medicine knows about cancer.

    In this report, you’ll learn exactly how this cutting-edge discovery works… you’ll hear the stories of desperate people who went from hopeless to healed in a matter of weeks… and you’ll see just how easily you can take advantage of it.

    You see, instead of fighting cancer with man-made chemicals like chemotherapy, this treatment enlists the help of a special group of cells in your bone marrow.

    You can think of it as your body’s “Special Forces Unit,” which is deployed to hunt down and destroy cancer with military-style precision...

    “It’s sort of like making medicine out of your own body,” says Father Daniel.

    And it is so powerful that some doctors believe it is the ONLY way to cure cancer:

    “The only chance for long-term remission or cure for advanced cancers is to have the body go after them and wipe them out,” says Dr. Kenneth Beer, a professor at the University of Miami.

    The science behind this new approach to treating cancer is indisputable, as you’ll see in a moment. I’ll also explain why you haven’t heard of it before... and what you or your loved one can do right away, to take advantage of this groundbreaking development.

    But first, you need to understand how your body defends itself against intruders.

    It’s actually not as complicated as you might think...

    You see, your body’s Special Forces Unit is made up of specialized “soldier cells,” which are designed to seek and destroy intruders that cause disease.

    When these soldier cells detect the presence of foreign bodies, they attack instantly.

    First, they punch holes in the enemy cells.

    Then they inject microscopic “hand grenades” full of deadly enzymes that ZAP the invaders from within, causing fatal damage.

    It works wonders with invaders like viruses and bacteria...

    But when it comes to fighting cancer, the soldier cells inside your
    body face a massive challenge...

    That’s because cancer cells are sneaky. They have the unique ability to camouflage themselves to look like healthy cells.

    It works like this…

    They produce a protein on their outer membrane known as PD-L1.

    Much like a mask, this protein tricks the body into thinking cancer cells are not the deadly threat they actually are.

    So when your soldier cells encounter a tumor, they mistake it for healthy tissue and pass on by... leaving the cancer cells to spread like a windblown fire.

    But this revolutionary new treatment changes all that...

    First, it rips off the PD-L1 disguise that allows cancer cells to hide.

    And presto… your soldier cells can “see” cancer cells for what they are: deadly disease.

    The soldier cells attack immediately, destroying the cancer with their microscopic grenades.

    Better still, they do it without touching healthy cells.

    That gives you a MASSIVE advantage over chemo and radiation, which indiscriminately burn or poison everything in their path, because they can’t tell healthy cells from cancerous ones.

    I’ve put together this report to give you the cutting-edge information that could literally save your life, or the life of your loved one. So ignoring this message would be a HUGE mistake.

    Like I said, this new treatment is one of the most exciting developments I’ve ever seen in the field of medicine.

    In fact, the treatment is so potent, even the most skeptical doctors are SHOCKED by what they’re finding:

    That patients are going from “incurable” to “cured”… and never looking back.

    For anyone fighting a deadly battle with cancer, this could be a lifeline.

    That’s exactly what it was for 40-year-old James Richards...

    After eight cruel months of chemotherapy and nine painful surgeries to remove parts of his colon, stomach, liver, lung, and pancreas, James was ready to let go.

    He weighed just 90 pounds, down from 210, and was ready for hospice.

    “By that point, I was pretty much done with doctors and everything. I’d already bought a grave. But when my at-home nurse told me about a treatment she’d heard of, I decided to give it one last try.”

    By the time James received his first treatment, the cancer had metastasized into stage-4. He was riddled with tumors from the neck down... and had big brown and purple skin lesions.

    “When I went back after two weeks, my doctor started to examine me. Incredibly, the skin lesions were gone. I thought... this is going to work!”

    Ultimately, the soldier cells inside James’ body obliterated every single tumor he had. He gained almost 100 pounds and went back to work, as if he’d never been sick.

    “I was given a second chance at life,” he says.

    The truth is... the same could happen for you.

    Remember, we’ve seen this work for patients who have failed every treatment, every chemo combination, who have just months or even weeks to live.

    What that gives YOU is the prospect of your cancer being wiped out within 3 to 4 weeks.

    Of course, there will always be skeptics in the medical community who say cancer will never be cured.

    But in the face of such overwhelming evidence, even the most doubtful among them have reason to rethink their position...

    In fact, some doctors are calling it a CURE...

    Typically, healthcare professionals are hesitant to use the word “cure” when talking about cancer.

    But now, doctors are doing exactly that – calling this incredible breakthrough a CURE, even for patients with cancers that, just a couple years ago, were almost always fatal.

    “[This treatment] is saving lives and it is curing people,” says Dr. Padmanee Sharma, scientific director at the prestigious M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. “I like using the word cure, because I don’t get to use it often.”

    Indeed, this new treatment is so powerful that Science magazine named it Breakthrough of the Year, pointing out:

    “Oncologists, a grounded-in-reality bunch, say a corner has been turned and we won’t be going back.”

    You heard right.

    As improbable as it may seem, the words, “You have cancer,” no longer come with an automatic death sentence.

    Imagine knowing that despite your diagnosis, you could live to see your children graduate from college... to play with your grandkids... or to grow old with the person you love.

    That kind of peace of mind is priceless!

    So please, feel free to share this information with anyone who is affected by cancer.

    That way, they’ll also know the exact details of how this treatment activates the body’s soldier cells... and how taking advantage of it right away could literally save their life.

    Truth is, the world of medicine is abuzz with well-documented, scientifically proven cases of patients whose lives have been transformed with this miraculous treatment...

    Isaac Breton, for instance, is an electrical motor repairman who had just weeks to live. He had an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma... and all the standard treatments had failed.

    But when the doctors at Christie Hospital in Manchester administered a pharmaceutical that would activate his body’s soldier cells, Isaac showed signs of improvement within 24 hours.

    Two weeks later, his specialists were speechless.

    “I had 60 to 70 tumors and they had gone,” he says.

    Just take a look at these before-and-after scans:

    The left one shows Isaac riddled with 60 to 70 tumors. The right scan, taken just 2 WEEKS LATER, shows no sign of cancer. (The black dots in the second scan are his kidneys and bladder.)

    Could this incredible treatment work for you too? Could you be free of cancer in just a few short months?

    You bet.

    In fact, that’s exactly what happened to John Fivaz, a Texan pastor of 13 years who had just days to live…

    At 44, John Fivaz was diagnosed with stage-4 melanoma. It had spread to his stomach, lymph nodes, kidneys, lungs and pancreas.

    By then, the mass under my arm had grown to 8 x 6 x 4 inches, so my doctor cut it out. I had another surgery to remove a third of my stomach. I also underwent a brutal round of chemotherapy,” he says.

    But the cancer just got worse.

    “My doctor gave me just days to live, but my wife and our fellow churchgoers continued to pray, believing that God would have the final say.”

    There was only one thing left for John to try. It was a long shot, but he agreed to a treatment that was designed to activate his body’s soldier cells, together with chemo.

    The result was jaw-dropping.

    After the first round, I could feel the two tumors near my collarbone shrivel up,” he says.

    Can you imagine being able to actually FEEL your tumors shrinking?

    After the second treatment, John’s doctor said there was significant shrinkage on the inside.

    “And after the third round,” he says, “my PET scan showed that the cancer was gone.

    “I’ve been cancer free for years, and am back to enjoying life, knowing that each day is a gift from God.”

    Another patient was also cured within weeks...

    In the summer of 2012, Martin Harmon, a Vietnam veteran from Maryland, was told he had a virtually inoperable tumor. Patients in his condition typically live about eight months.

    So Martin decided to join a clinical trial at Georgetown University.

    Two weeks after his first treatment, Martin’s soldier cells had all but destroyed the primary tumor. A month later, his liver and lungs were clear.

    “This stuff was like vanishing cream,” said Martin’s daughter, Rose Franklin.

    And Dr. Suzanne Topalian, a cancer specialist at Johns Hopkins University was astounded by the results. “We’re still in a bit of shock.”

    Then there’s the story of Dillon O’Reilly, 64, who took part in a groundbreaking study at the University of Pennsylvania.

    He was one of the 27 out of 30 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia that achieved complete remission, thanks to the treatment.

    That’s a 93% survival rate!

    Incredibly, his body’s soldier cells dissolved away five pounds of cancer cells from his blood and bones.


    “As far as I’m concerned, I’m cured,” he says. “I don’t ever think about relapse.”

    Four years later, he is still cancer-free.

    Dr. Stephan Grupp, a specialist at Penn, was amazed: “I’ve been an oncologist for 20 years and I have never, ever, seen anything like this.”

    His colleague, Dr. David Porter, was equally impressed: “We’ve entered into a whole new realm of medicine.”

    I put together this presentation to show you that there is hope… and that you could, like the patients you’ve heard from today, hear the words: “You’re cured.”

    Today, you’ll learn all the details you need to get started... so please don’t go anywhere. I don’t want you to miss out on this groundbreaking development... and the difference it can make in your life.

    Because the fact is, we are at a watershed point in history...

    As a doctor, I’ve seen a lot of medical advances over the years.

    In the case of cancer, there have even been treatments that can extend your life by a few months.

    But this breakthrough is in an entirely different league...

    In fact, I have no doubt that future generations will file this development in the same category as the discovery of penicillin or mapping the human genome.

    It’s that big.

    The mastermind behind the cure is Dr. James Allison... and he is no stranger to the devastation cancer can cause...

    He lost his mother to cancer when he was just 11 years old. His uncle died of melanoma, and another one of lung cancer.

    More recently, Dr. Allison’s brother died of prostate cancer.

    And at the end of it all, he was convinced that there had to be a better way to kill cancer than radiation and chemotherapy.

    It was this belief that drove him to pioneer the single most important breakthrough in cancer history:

    How to activate your body’s soldier cells to
    attack cancer directly...

    It sounds so simple... but the road that led to this revelation was littered with obstacles...

    Initially, mainstream medicine dismissed his findings.

    “Everyone thought I was crazy,” Dr. Allison says. “People would say to me, don’t do [this research], it’ll ruin your reputation.”

    But he knew deep down that he was on to something... and refused to give up.

    “It can be hard to go against the system,” he says, "but sometimes you have to do it for progress to be made.”

    His instinct paid off—big time. And today, the impact of his research is being felt across the world.

    In short, Dr. Allison engineered a way to activate your body’s soldier cells to hunt down and kill cancer cells... without touching healthy cells.

    As a result, there are thousands of patients who’ve been given a second chance, thanks to this miraculous treatment.

    And it likely won’t be long before millions more join them.

    What would it mean to your life, if you could be one of those people?

    Imagine no more hospital visits. No more fear in the pit of your stomach.

    With this incredible development, that’s no longer just a dream. It’s grounded in reality.

    That’s why I put together this urgent report... to share everything we’ve uncovered.

    Dr. Allison’s work was so meaningful that in the past few years, he has been the recipient of 16 prestigious awards, including a $3 million ‘Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences.’

    And that’s likely just the beginning...

    In fact, Dr. Ron DePinho, President of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, is certain that this brilliant approach will result in the Nobel Prize.

    But more important than awards and accolades, the treatment that activates the body’s soldier cells to kill cancer is changing the lives of regular Americans like you, one person at a time...

    Dean Aldridge, for instance, is a television sound technician who was diagnosed with leukemia... and underwent a grueling regimen of chemotherapy.

    Six months later he relapsed.

    “After everything I had gone through, the chemo, losing hair, the sickness, it was absolutely devastating.”

    Dean was just weeks away from dying. He had nothing left to lose, so as a last-ditch attempt to save his life, he decided to give this new treatment a try.

    Incredibly, just EIGHT DAYS after his first round, his body’s soldier cells had obliterated ALL traces of the cancer.

    That’s NUTS!

    “My doctors even ran the lab tests a second time, to make sure there was no mistake.”

    Dean’s specialist, Dr. Brentjens, was blown away: “We had hoped, but couldn’t have predicted that the response would be so profound and rapid.”

    Then there’s David Selleck, an engineer who had kidney cancer. The tumor was massive and the cancer had spread.

    He was desperate.

    His doctor, a cancer specialist at Johns Hopkins, enrolled David in a clinical trial that would mobilize his body’s soldier cells to fight the cancer from within.

    Like all the other patients you’ve heard about today, David’s tumors disappeared and haven’t come back.

    His doctor also reported three other patients who had similar responses. All, with advanced disease, would have been dead by now, he said, adding, “I have never seen anything like this.”

    “This period will be viewed as... a moment in medical history when everything changed,” says Dr. Drew Pardoll, research director at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

    Can you see why doctors like myself are so excited about this breakthrough?

    What makes this treatment so different from anything else we’ve seen to date is that it works on many types of cancer...

    That means there’s REAL HOPE for people just like you!

    As you know, cancer doesn’t discriminate. It strikes young and old, male and female, rich and poor.

    Thankfully, this new treatment doesn’t discriminate either!

    Rather, it gives hope to people fighting all kinds of cancers.

    For instance:

    Polly Gibson, a retired real estate agent, was diagnosed with lung cancer, but chemotherapy didn’t work. When the cancer progressed to stage-4, she had exhausted all her options. So she elected to give this new treatment a go... and within weeks, the cancer was gone. “Two things kept me going,” she says. “My trust in God; and the love and the support from our family.”

    Ian Williams was diagnosed with stage-3 prostate cancer. “When my doctor recommended [this],” he says, “I went online and researched it and I thought: what better way to treat the disease than to use your own cells?” Within about one month, Ian successfully completed treatment.

    Sheryl Bard had melanoma. Chemo was destroying her healthy cells, but not the cancer, which had spread to her lungs and brain. But a few short months after activating her soldier cells, her body had rid itself of tumors. “By the grace of God I am here today,” she says.

    So if you or a loved one is fighting for your life, please be sure to carefully consider the information in this special report.

    Starting conventional treatments like chemo and radiation, without first considering this alternative, could be a BIG mistake with deadly consequences.

    But before I go any further, there’s something else you should know... something that could have a huge impact on your journey back to health.

    As I’ve shown you, this treatment is changing history, right now.

    Not only is it giving people all over the country a second chance at life, but it also solves one of the biggest challenges of treating cancer...

    You see, the problem with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is that the cancer often returns.

    Sure, it’s a huge relief if standard treatments work.

    But roughly one third of patients see the cancer return within 5 years.

    And what few people know is that standard treatments can increase your chances of getting a second, different type of cancer.

    That leaves you wondering when the other shoe will drop. At the back of your mind is the chilling thought of the cancer quietly spreading in your body.

    Each follow-up scan comes with heightened anxiety.

    You wait, palms sweating, for the verdict.

    Is it still there? Have the tumors come back?

    But with this new treatment, you can put an end to the never-ending nightmare.

    You see, your body’s soldier cells have a unique capacity for memory. So if the cancer comes back, your soldier cells recognize it immediately and attack, before it takes hold again.

    “It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. It’s [about] long-term survival of people who have advanced disease,” says Dr. David Lane of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

    As The Wall Street Journal reports:

    “Current treatment approaches such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which often kill most but not all of a cancer, could be made obsolete by a potent [treatment] that eradicates the cancer cells and provides subsequent protection against return and relapse.”

    By now you might be wondering why you haven’t heard of this amazing breakthrough before.

    If it’s so good, why isn’t it plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country?

    Well, in large part it comes down to a peculiarity of the medical world—what some doctors call their “dirty little secret.”

    And frankly, it's going to make you mad when you understand how many patients’ futures are at risk because of this disgraceful practice.

    You see, some cancers, like lung cancer or breast cancer, ARE responsive to chemotherapy in the last 6 months of life.

    Others, like pancreatic cancer, ARE NOT.

    But doctors prescribe chemotherapy with the same frequency for both chemo-responsive and chemo-unresponsive cancers!

    Worse still, even in cancers that DO respond to chemo, giving it near the end of life “does not improve survival,” reports the New England Journal of Medicine.

    It’s scandalous!

    So why do specialists continue to prescribe chemotherapy to patients they know can’t benefit from it?

    It has to do with a nasty scheme known as the “chemotherapy concession.”

    It allows private practice oncologists—unlike any other doctors—to profit from prescribing chemotherapy drugs.

    Think about that for a moment.

    Cancer doctors are the ONLY ones allowed to directly profit from the medications they prescribe, which in the case of chemotherapy, can cost as much as $100,000 per patient.

    Essentially, the system rewards them for over-prescribing ineffective drugs with the highest markups – and it accounts for a whopping 65% of profits in a typical oncology practice.

    Of course, I’m not suggesting that cancer specialists are bad people. And I’m sure your doctor is deeply committed to saving lives.

    But doctors are humans. And humans respond to incentives.

    The bottom line is that oncologists have a strong monetary interest to prescribe chemotherapy, which means they are less likely to refer patients to research on possible cancer cures.

    Can you imagine the pain of losing a loved one who could’ve been saved by a treatment their doctor omitted to tell them about?

    It’s not just unethical... it’s criminal!

    But thankfully, you don’t have to be at the mercy of “the system.”

    By the end of this message, you’ll discover how to get full details about how your body’s “Special Forces Unit” of soldier cells works—so you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your health.

    You see, your soldier cells can be activated in four different ways.

    Some doctors use pharmaceutical drugs... some use a vaccine... and others re-engineer cells in your body.

    The problem is, these solutions come with side effects, like hepatitis, skin blisters, paralysis, holes in the gut and even death.

    But the GOOD NEWS is that there’s a fourth way to activate your body’s soldier cells—and it’s 100% natural!

    In short, the cure we’ve uncovered is a compound extracted from a rare form of mushroom.

    It is so powerful, it can help defeat even the DEADLIEST cancers known to man, in conjunction with standard treatment.

    And it has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

    For decades, the Japanese have used this little-known plant extract to activate the body’s soldier cells.

    In fact, it is now used in over 1,000 cancer clinics in Japan and around the world.

    There’s even a conference in Tokyo each year where the world’s top researchers meet to share their latest findings.

    The exact composition of the life-saving mushroom extract is considered a trade secret, as well as the method used to prepare it.

    But it recently came on the market in the U.S. and is available to you right now.

    What’s incredible about this discovery is this:

    The mushroom extract increases the activity of your
    soldier cells by a whopping 300%, on average!

    And there’s a ton of solid, no-nonsense science to prove it...

    The potent hybridized mushroom extract is “as well researched as any conventional prescription drug,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists.

    In the U.S., researchers at Harvard Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, and Drexel University Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, among many others, have researched the compound extensively.

    And international researchers have conducted at least 80 rigorous studies in humans and in vivo that prove how effective this compound is in activating your soldier cells.

    In fact, the health benefits and safety of this remarkable compound have been studied more conclusively than any other supplement of its kind.

    Better still, it is believed to work on ALL types of cancer, including liver cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma, and breast cancer.

    So if you know anyone who has cancer, telling him or her about this remarkable substance could be a life changer.

    The facts we’ve established to date are simply astounding...

    Remember that PD-L1 “mask” that cancer cells use to evade detection?

    Well, this mushroom extract helps your body’s soldier cells recognize tumors by ripping off the PD-L1 disguise.

    It also increases the number of “hand grenades” inside your soldier cells. The more ammunition each cell carries, the more cancer it can destroy.

    And it helps protect against subsequent return and relapse.

    That’s one heck of a powerful mushroom!

    The results we’re seeing in clinical tests are simply astounding...

    • One study involved 27 patients whose soldier cell activity was low. After only 2 weeks of taking the mushroom extract, their soldier cell activity had increased as much as 332% in breast carcinoma... 275% in cervical carcinoma... 385% in prostate cancer... 240% in leukemia... and 537% in multiple myeloma! That’s about 300%, on average, across these cancers.
    • Another trial involved 24 cancer patients undergoing chemo. Sixteen hours after the first dose of this compound, soldier cell activity increased by 50%. After one week, activity had increased eightfold. And at the end of two months, the soldier cells were killing 27 times more cancer cells!
    • And a 10-year study looked at 269 patients with liver cancer, following surgery. In the test group, which received the mushroom extract, only 34.5% of patients experienced a recurrence in their cancer after 10 years, compared with 66.1% of the patients who did not receive the compound. Plus, the test group showed DOUBLE the survival rate after 10 years!
    All by activating the human body’s soldier cells to hunt down cancer and destroy it... with virtually no side effects!

    What that means for you is simple: HOPE.

    Here’s the thing, though...

    The big pharmaceutical companies do everything they can to discredit natural treatments.

    That’s because these effective alternatives – which can’t be patented – eat into the profits they rake in from prescription drugs.

    In addition, American physicians are skeptical when it comes to nutritional supplements.

    I know from my own experience in medical school that from day one, doctors are brainwashed into thinking that any alternative to pharmaceutical drugs should be dismissed as “quackery.”

    Doctors like myself, who have dedicated our careers to finding natural alternatives to harsh drugs, know that isn’t true…

    Nevertheless, I can almost guarantee your doctor will say that substituting this extract for chemotherapy is a bad idea.

    But listen to this...

    When it comes to treating your cancer, it doesn’t have to be one OR the other. You can use both together... with amazing results.

    That’s because this mushroom extract actually
    BOOSTS the effectiveness of chemotherapy!

    Over and above its ability to activate your body’s soldier cells, this compound has been shown to lessen the toxic side effects of conventional cancer treatment.

    When added to a chemotherapy regimen, a study showed that this all-natural extract:

    ✔ Strengthens the effects of chemotherapy, shrinking tumors 20% more than chemo alone…

    ✔ Helps protect against side effects like hair loss, nausea, liver damage and depression…

    ✔ And even prevents the spread of cancer by nearly 30% more than chemo alone!

    In other words, you get all the benefits of this mushroom extract... PLUS super-charged therapeutic effects of chemo, PLUS reduced adverse side effects.

    It’s like the best of both worlds.

    For instance, Carl Simon, a 45-year-old physician’s assistant from Minnesota had neck cancer... and was given a 1-in-10 chance of living for more than a year.

    Instead of opting for chemotherapy alone, Carl and his doctor decided to add this extract to his treatment plan.

    His records show that while taking this compound in conjunction with chemo, his body’s soldier cells—which are often rendered useless by chemotherapy on its own—stayed at normal, healthy levels.

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    Автор Dr. Allan Spreen пишет, что читал результаты лечения этим способом в трех топовых клиниках Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Данное исследование - реальная вещь. Данное исследование в 3 раза увеличивает ваши шансы на выживание. Это нечтно невообразимое в современной онкологии.
    В организме существуют body’s soldier клетки , которые атакуют больные и чужеродные клетки. Раковые клетки они не видят и считают "своими" . Под действием экстракта body’s soldier клетки видят больные раковые клетки и их количество возрастает на 300% для борьбы с ними. Исследования показали, что активированные body’s soldier клетки убивают в 27 раз больше раковых клеток, чем просто химиотерапия. Данный экстракт в разы поднимает эффективность химиотерапии.

    До и после лечения: 60-70 опухолей в теле [​IMG]

    В общем книга про новый метод лечения экстрактом грибов, что и как использовать.

    Стоимость: 30$


    PS. Кто предупрежден, тот вооружен!
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