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Курс iOS Development от letsbuildthatapp. Разработка приложения Podcasts

Тема в разделе "Курсы по программированию", создана пользователем jbstudio, 18 фев 2018.

Цена: 2850р.
Взнос: 180р.

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  1. jbstudio

    jbstudio jbstudio ЧКЧлен клуба

    Курс по разработке iOS приложения Podcasts от известного автора Brian Voong (letsbuildthatapp)


    In this exciting, jam-packed Podcasts course, we'll be learning about all the proper techniques to build out an Audio Player application. Our app will be fully functional in terms of searching for available Podcasts on iTunes, bookmarking your favorite stations, and full support for audio playback. Furthermore, an Audio app wouldn't be complete without offline playback capabilities; which turns out is an extremely fun feature to build out.

    Now one of the tricky parts about audio applications is that they require the ability to be active while backgrounded. In addition to being active, one must also present the proper playback controls in the Command Center and Lock Screen. We will take care of this by setting up the proper Cover Art and Pause, Play, Previous, and Next track action buttons.

    Core Features

    Alamofire Integration to greatly simplify network requests architecture
    AVKit Audio Player libraries for audio playback
    Offline Playback of podcasts enabled through download feature
    Control playback when App is in background
    Draggable Floating Player component accessible across all screens
    Search for Podcasts through iTunes API
    Parsing JSON asynchronously
    Learn to use XML parsing Pods through Cocoapods integration
    User Favorites persistence with UserDefaults

    Who this course is for?

    You've always wanted to learn about Audio Playback
    You've created a dozen list apps already, you want to work on real functionality.
    You are hungry for more advanced iOS & Swift programming

    What you get?

    30+ video lessons with detailed walkthrough and explanation of logic
    Source code for each lesson
    Lifetime updates for Swift language compatibility
    Questions and comments section per video

    Стоимость: $50

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    Последнее редактирование модератором: 21 фев 2018
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      Складчина активна.

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    2. skladchik.com

      Взнос в складчине составляет 180р.

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