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  1. Хранитель Миров

    Хранитель Миров Хранитель Миров ОргОрганизатор (А)

    Днк Лидера

    Робин Шарма


    Аудиокурс от автора мирового уровня!

    Робин Шарма - всемирно известный коуч, оратор, мотиватор и автор таких бестселлеров, как "Монах, который продал свой феррари" и "Лидер без Титулов". Робин Шарма обучал директоров таких компаний, как Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, FedEx, GE, IBM, Castrol, Unilever, Microsoft, Yale University and NASA.

    Автор: Робин Шарма (Robin Sharma)
    Язык: Англ
    Формат: Аудиокурс
    Длительность: ???
    Переводчик: Alexflame
    Формат перевода: Аудио

    This downloadable bundle includes:

    • How To Be Remarkably Successful* - 2-hour Audio Download ($49.95 Value)
      In How To Be Remarkably Successful, Robin shares with you a proven process for success. This isn’t a system based on theory. It’s been tested in the laboratory of life.

      The process has worked for hundreds-of-thousands of people who’ve attended Robin’s presentations and leadership seminars. It has worked for Billionaires, CEO’s and professional sports stars. Entertainers, remarkable entrepreneurs and people from every station of life. They all have been able move their lives forward with the practical techniques that Robin will share with you.

      What You’ll Discover In How To Be Remarkably Successful
      • How to get more done in a week than most people do in a year
      • The 9 Best Practices of world-class performers
      • A simple tool to create real wealth, wellness and sustained happiness
      • Real world stories to inspire you
      • Specific tactics to be more successful in business and life
      • How to have a happier, healthier and more meaningful life
      • Action tactics that you can use right now
    • The Greatness Guide - Audio Download($34.95)
      The Greatness Guide audiobook read by Robin is the powerful and practical audio program that will inspire you to get to world class in both your personal and professional life.

      Make the leap today and learn what the best do to become even better. The Greatness Guide audiobook will show you exactly how to experience remarkable results in each of the important areas of your life while enjoying the journey of living.

      What You’ll Discover In The Greatness Guide:
      • The personal practices of spectacularly successful people
      • Potent ideas to get your organization to greatness
      • Specific strategies to turn setbacks into opportunities
      • Revolutionary tactics for peak performance
      • How to attract true wealth along with real happiness
      • Breakthrough ideas to generate excellent health and an “energy explosion”
      • Tools for work-life balance and ways to experience a lot more fun
    • How to Craft a World-Class Life - Audio Download ($24.95)
      In How To Craft A World Class Life. International Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert Robin Sharma shares with you his system for total life success.

      Here are just some of the highlights of How To Craft A World Class Life:
      • The simple tool that takes immediate control of your health
      • The formula for superb relationships
      • How to keep life-changing commitments
      • How to unleash the power of your imagination
      • Three Tools that attract prosperity into your life
    • BONUS GIFT: The Mastery Manual - Downloadable eBook ($27.95 Value)
      Made up of 36 life-changing modules that will help you get off the chart results at work and within your personal world.
      The Mastery Manual is packed with real-world ideas and practices that will get you to world-class quickly.

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