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  1. Tesla Go

    Tesla Go Tesla Go ОргОрганизатор (П)

    Джеймс Трипп
    Гипноз и личные трансформации для повышения качества жизни

    Hypnosis Without Trance - No-Fail Protocol
    Формат: видео (3 avi), аудио (2 CD)
    Продолжительность: видео ~ 150 мин., аудио ~ 55 мин.
    Вывод на русский язык: озвучка, транскрипт
    Переводчик: @Tesla Go

    *** Описание в процессе перевода ***
    The No-Fail Protocol - Total Security for the Expert Hypnotist!
    “Using this approach I have gained more confidence and I am far more relaxed as a hypnotist then any time in the past 20 years. Keep up the good work!”

    Gary Plumridge Hypnotist and Transformative Coach, UK

    Dear Hypnotist…
    In the first few months following the launch of the HWT blog (in October 2009), I found myself talking to literally hundreds of hypnotists about the process of getting and utilising full-on hypnotic phenomena in their hypnotic work and play!

    It seemed that a lot of people were doing 'trance inductions', but not actually going for any serious, tangible hypnotic phenomena! And always for the same insidious reason - fear!

    “What if I go for it and it doesn’t work?”

    That creeping fear of failure and loss of credibility - it's a paralyser! And it is the single biggest enemy to developing high levels of skill and success as a hypnotist.

    Indeed, in my experience it seems that most hypnotists - and especially professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists - seem to suffer form this kind of anxiety at some level. Some rationalise it away ("well, I don't need to do that kind of stuff for changework") but others are sick of it and understandably want to be free of it. They want to be free to spread their wings and really explore what's possible.

    Now I totally get this... because for the longest time I too was terrified of failure and the presumed ensuing judgements and loss of face. I KNOW how it held me back. Indeed, if I could have sorted this problem out early on, I would have got to my current levels of ability in hypnosis in something like one-tenth or less of the time! (And this is no exaggeration - it is probably an overly conservative estimate.)

    So I understand what it is like to be held back by anxiety and fear of failure. I also know what it is like to be truly free to explore and play and really push the boundaries of what's possible.

    And I want this for you too - freedom! Total freedom to enjoy the exploration without the fear of failure...

    The No-fail Protocol is a practical solution to 'failure' and fear of failure for hypnotist. And it works. I know this because I initially developed it entirely for my own use.

    Back when I was doing a lot of street hypnosis I wanted to be in a position where I could hypnotise with absolute boldness and confidence and KNOW that whatever happened I could roll with it and bring it towards an outcome that would serve me as the hypnotist. I wanted to make sure I could ALWAYS get something hypnotic happening and ALWAYS appear 100% in control of the situation and how it was unfolding.

    This is what the No-Fail Protocol is all about. As it says in the tagline:

    Total Security for the Expert Hypnotist

    “I recently got around to buying this… WOW! I am so glad that I did!

    It has removed all my fears of failing when doing hypnosis. This is a great product and if you have any doubts, anxiety, or fear of doing hypnosis due to failure – BUY THIS!”

    SNM Reviewer and Veteren User - TheMagicCafe.com

    WAIT! Do not buy this unless you understand...[/paste:font]

    If you are wedded to the old-school 'trance' model of hypnosis, the No-Fail Protocol is NOT going to work for you.

    Why? Well...

    The No-Fail Protocol is devious - it relies on trickery, subterfuge, perceptual manipulation and the like. The whole aim of the game is to increase your influence over the reality that the subject and any spectators experience, and to do so by all and any means available.

    To make use of this approach you WILL need to step outside of the box of 'trance' as the engine of hypnosis (which, I will boldly say, it is not) and connect with the understanding that hypnosis is all about perception and how perception can be psychologically manipulated.

    If you are already familiar with the Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis, The No-Fail Protocol will make complete sense to you and integrate seamlessly with what you have already learned. But if you are not running with the Hypnosis Without Trance model, you will need to shift your understanding before you can make this work!

    So - and let me be as clear as I can about this...
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  3. Khomyakoid

    Khomyakoid Khomyakoid ЧКЧлен клуба

    Народ, мы живём с вами в удивительное время,
    время когда гипноз открывает каждый день всё новые грани и тайны

    Два наших превосходных переводчика -
    Interprete и Tesla Go
    предоставяют нам уникальнейшую возможность познакомится с трудами великих Мастеров Гипноза -
    Ормонда МакГилла и Чарльза Теббетса!!!

    Спешите внести свой вклад в развитие нашей гипнотерапии!!!
    Ну и конечно же заработать на своём постоянно развивающемся мастерстве)))
  4. DarkEvgen

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    Это Ритуалы быстрого погружения?от Триппа;) . Или это другой его курс?
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  5. Vladimir47

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    поддерживаю ответьте на вопрос! так как вышеперечисленное есть уже
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    А можно описание все таки перевести?:)
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  7. Tesla Go

    Tesla Go Tesla Go ОргОрганизатор (П)

    прошу прощения, сделаю, обязательно, ещё раз прошу прощения :(
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  8. Гордый76

    Гордый76 Гордый76 ЧКЧлен клуба

    Ну зачем же так?:) Достаточно:

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